A Very Sparkly Yule

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Although I'm still a long way from fitting into my former clothes, I can't very well go about naked now can I? ;) So I have bought some new clothes again. :P My Taobao and Bodyline orders aren't home yet, but I managed to find something interesting from general retail shops for a change.

After a local mall expanded, a New Yorker store started up shop there. It's a chain I had zero previous experience with but judging from my first visit it seems to have something a bit different from all the other clothes shops around here which is always welcome. Especially since it looks like to have some Japanese street fashion vibes. There were some nekomimi hoodies too, but since I'm trying to downsize my hoodie-wardrobe and I was actually looking for a wintercoat to wear with my loli things, I only succumbed to this fluffy bear-eared jacket. I guess it could also be called a hoodie and I do wear it indoors at work if I have short sleeves underneath it, but it looks more outdoorsy to me. XD I'm thinking that I might get away with wearing my cape over this jacket if I have a skirt on.

Then the top. I saw it on H&M ad on TV and fell for it. Yes, the one with Katy Perry on it, wearing this top. Nevermind Katy, I just looove the sparkly ribbon! I went shopping for it the next chance I had. I was getting anxious since at the first H&M they only had S and XS left, thinking that I had missed my chance and the top was too popular. But luckily I remembered the other store in town and they still had plenty of stock. ^-^ So yey, now I feel all xmassy wearing red-whites! ~♡

H&M actually also had some blouses that looked to be more on the romantic side. I have to go back this week to see if they look ok on me and could be pulled off with loli items. It would be a blessing to buy some locally for a change and not fret about fit of the Asian mailorders. Then I could really clean out my tops-department of my wardrobe and just get rid of everything I don't really like anymore.


  1. New Yorker on kyllä ihan mahtava kauppa, on tullut tehtyä paljon kivoja löytöjä sieltä! (mm. juurikin tuollainen kissankorva-huppari ja T-paita jossa hamsteri ajaa moottoripyörällä...) Kunpa saisivat Helsingin keskustaankin avattua myymälän joskus, nyt pitää mennä Itäkeskukseen asti =.=

    H&M:ssä näkyi kivoja puseroita tosiaan, myös KappAhlissa kannattaa käydä katsastamassa puserotarjontaa :)

    1. Juu taisin KappAhlinkin ikkunassa nähdä vähän aikaa sitten tyyliin sopivia rytkyjä. Nyt taitaa tulla itselle kaikkein eniten paketteja tänä jouluna XD Ja New Yorker oli kyllä todella positiivisesti yllättänyt kauppa so far. Ehkä ne printit ei sovi just mun tyyliin, mut ne on silti kivan näköisiä ja sit tosiaan nää korvalliset hupparit oli ihan ♥

  2. You look pretty! That top is super pretty! I'm more a jeans and a tshirt person and addicted to hoodies in winter XD

    We have had H&M and forever 21 for a few years only and it used to be far from me, until a month ago when they both opened a store next to me. I still haven't had the chance to go check it out though.
    I like your style!!

    1. Thank you *v*
      I used to be very much a jeans/t-shirt/hoodie girl all through university, but then I wanted to shift to more girly clothes. Now all the jeans I have are skinny jeans whereas they used to be looser or bootcuts, so they look best with heels :) And of course I have much more skirts in my closet now than ever before.
      I just love all kinds of bows, so this top was perfect for me. It sorta looks like I'm an xmas present waiting to be opened!


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