Halloween! (Better Late than Never...)

151031 Halloween meetup 08

We hosted a Halloween doll meetup at our local venue on Oct 31st. Yes, yes, I'm a bit late with the photos, but even as I tried to edit these, these was certain someone trying his best to sabotage me >_< We actually had our Yule meetup last weekend, I hope I can post those a bit quicker.
151031 Halloween meetup 04

We had a larger doll stage that had all kinds of Halloween decorations, all courtesy of Velvet who seemingly has tons of them. :D But this meet we also had a separate photo area, where you could take your doll(s) to be photographed more properly. Sadly I don't think that many took the opportunity, but at least I got some Halloweeny photos! ...Hani was of course terrified at a spooky cemetery.

151031 Halloween meetup 06Deary's Pamplemousse was more at home. I tried to edit these to have a more 'moonlit' feel to them, I'll leave you to judge whether I succeeded or nor.

151031 Halloween meetup 05

I could so see Pample trod through an eerie cemetery XD

151031 Halloween meetup 02We also hosted a contest for best Halloween costume for a doll. The winner was decided by a vote. My Cotton won tied second place! :3 I had shredded some fabric and knotted it to make her a punk-mummy.

151031 Halloween meetup 03

Here she is as a cool mummy next to a creepy zombie (owned by Velvet). I almost wrote that this was a zombie Skoll, since the new Surprise Han head has the style of Velvet's Franz.

151031 Halloween meetup 01The other 2nd place was Velvet's werewolf vampire :Z

This was the winner:

151031 Halloween meetup 09

She really stood out and deserved to win ^-^ I sure voted for it.

151031 Halloween meetup 10And a wider view of the scenery.

151031 Halloween meetup 07

And Remy + Aobaca to cheer everyone and to remind us that Halloween is also supposed to be fun and not all scary ^-^


  1. I think you succeeded in the moonlight effect, it looks very nice!!! What a cool set up for a halloween meet up, loved your mummy costume!

  2. It felt like a copout way to go, but I truly liked the end result myself :) I wished I had had the time to work on some more costumes for my other dolls, but maybe next year then.


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