Care For Some Fondant?

Kuva, jonka Fyrd (@fyrd8th) julkaisi

Here she is on her own :3 Still waiting for her body, own clothes, better eyes... But I came up with a name! (Sorry Deary, I bounced some other names off you, but when I thought of this one the others just sounded wrong.) She is Fondant Pi, Meringue Pi's younger sister. And in short, Ford! :D

So whereas Megu is stuck-up and very much queen-like, Ford was brought up as the spare. She's very calm and mellow to the extent that according to Megu "she lacks personality", but it is all so that she can best support her older sister. She has gone through battle training so she can lead her sister's armies, although she despises violence and goes to great lenghts to avoid confrontation. What she would most enjoy doing though is tinker with machines as she finds the silent metal calming.

Funnily enough, once I got her name, the back story just rolled out. And with that, the story of all my Teenies :D I've been pining how I didn't have a proper story for them, but now I do. And Ford isn't even a major player in it, so I don't know how she was the missing piece that brought it all together... But it is a battle between demon countries, with Rigel being the most influential king of Greed, Meringue being the overthrown queen of Vanity and Nuu being an innocent trespasser who sucks Hippu with her into the chaos of demonic power play.


  1. Loved reading this :D!!!
    I really like Ford, but I already said that much over instagram :D

  2. Thanks! ^-^ Just wait until I get some proper gear on Ford. At least in my cisions she will turn out awesome :P

  3. Ihania nimiä näillä sun Teenieillä <3 Ford näyttää kovin söpöltä jo nyt~

  4. Koetan pitää nää nimet jossain teemassa, vaikka välillä tuleekin jotain näennäisen randomia valittuu :D Mut nää karkki/jälkkärit ovat olleet aika pinnalla nyt pidemmän aikaa... Sille Other-Nuulle haluisin vielä jonkun paremman nimen, joka sopis paremmin Hippu-Nuu-settiin. Tällä hetkellä se in Lumina, mut jotenkin se ei 100%sti istu :(


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