Zombie and a Dog

151011 Soom Han Surprise Head

This month I'm doing two major comissions, the first of which is now complete! It is a complete Soom Han (well, it isn't really clear whether this is Han or Ansronn, but I like Han better :P ...because of Han Solo, of course) for Velvet. The open eyed head with the parts form one full doll and this surprise head was made to be a cutish zombie!

The zombie head was both a challenge and a treat to do. Velvet didn't want a truly gore realistic zombie, but a stylized cute one, so I got to use all sorts of shades to make this undead cutie. There are greens, blues, purples and pinks in there, all blending quite nicely against the grey actually. Can't wait to see this with proper eyes (Velvet mentioned maybe going for one blind eye and I think it'll look wonderful), wig and clothes!

151011 Soom Han Head

Then the OE head, which along with the coyote parts is going to be a little Teenie Ren (the DRAMAtical Murder character). He'll have a dusty dark blue wig, and as all the paws were blushed in blues, I used blue shading in the face as well. Then as a contrast I went with peachy tones for the cheeks. As a stroke of luck, Ren's human form's character design has oranges in the eyeshadow, so it went well altogether in the end. Velvet also asked me to do the patterns Rhyme Ren has on his cheeks. This was the most complicated 'tattoo' design I have done on a doll, mostly because it was a pain to get them to look symmetrical X( Done in pencil, so in very blown-up close-ups the outlines show grainy, but irl with naked eye it looks very neat.

151011 Soom Han arms and hands

Then the paws, which were blushed to match the wig. Well, these are lighter, because otherwise you wouldn't be able to see anything but black :P I still do personally prefer the chubbier look of Hati/Skoll paws, but these more realistic fur patterns were quite nice to blush. The hands are very... handlike compared to other fantasy hands Soom has produced (or maybe I'm thinking about those 'golden years'...) and don't have any sort of nails or pawpads. But I blushed the tips of the fingers peachy to have continuity with the face-up.

151011 Soom Han paws

The legs have proper paws with nice pawpads though. And those I blushed with pink with peachy outline.

151011 Soom Han ears

Ears follow the same colourway.

151011 Soom Han tail

But the tail is just blue. No room really for peach XD

I must say, although these 'full dolls' are a lot of work (matching tones and such throughout the comission), they are very rewarding once seen complete. So I dare Velvet to spam the heck out of this boy once she gets it home! :P

And now I'm off to complete my next head+blushing, which is definitely not done in any kind of blue ;)


  1. Okay how genius is to make that head a zombie head?! and a cute zombie? holy cow I'm impressed with the idea! I never thought of that sculpt to have much variation since the expression was so... idk XD I like that expression but it didn't offer much variation. But being a zombie it changes EVERYTHING. Plus you did a very awesome job, I think it screams cutezombie everywhere :D!

    The other head I'm not familiar with the character but it looks well done like all your other face ups hehe, love the fantasy parts as well. I've only done one doll complete (my SOOM Tona) and it was so much work it stressed me, but I agree, it's well worth it in the end.

  2. Yeah when Soom released this doll all I saw in DoA was that people were wondering what to do with this head. I instantly thought of Velvet and how she had said she had wanted a zombie doll for ages and I mentioned that actually this head could make an excellent zombie. Luckily she took the bait :D
    I didn't know about DMMD either before I was bombarded with it via Velvet's blog (which is a good thing! :D). But now I know enough to recognise the main characters. And with a little googleing I found good reference pics to work with :)


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