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151018 Pamplemousse 02

I finished the other big comission in a quick schedule, but mostly because I didn't have to bland that many different colours for this one :D So here is Deary's little Pamplemousse, who is Soom's White Pawn Romantic Glati. I'm very happy that our group got more of these Chess dolls! They are so neatly done! (Even if we did all get them just blank XD)
151018 Soom R.Glati

Pamplemousse got his name when I gave Deary a Body Shop package for X-mas and the products were scented with pink grapefruit. It's pamplemousse rosé in French and Deary just fell in love with the word :3 It's also how she got the name for her Bygg Turpentine and I gotta love that way of picking names! Anyway, when Deary then wanted a doll with that name, she also had the idea of the doll having the same colourscheme as those Body Shop products, which meant peachy pinks. So the doll is very, very peachpink.

151018 Soom R.Glati hooves

The hooves followed the peachy colourscheme. I actually did blush the green parts too, there is some dark brown in the back and peach in the front, but it doesn't show up at all X(

151018 Soom R.Glati horns and tail

But the blushing does show up nicely on the horns and tail! Actually these antlers are my favourite part :3 I just love how the peach shows on the curves and the roots are dark brown. There's also glitter that sparkles in sunlight ^-^ Gotta have glitter!

And here are some more photos of this doll:

151018 Pamplemousse 01

Pample waves you goodbye. We hope we see you soon on Deary's blog!

151018 Pamplemousse 03


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