Incoming Mayhem

Look what I just ordered! ^-^ Nendo-Joker! He is so cute~! Not in the conventional animegirl way that my other Nendos are cute, I admit, but still, kawaii~!

GSC has made comic book heroes before, Iron Man (at least 3 Iron Men in fact...), Spiderman and Batman. They say that Joker is their first movie villain, but sorry, I consider Darth Vader to be a villain too (since it's not Anakin). Now I wish they'd make more villains... Loki-Nendo, comoon! That would sell soooo well in the west!

I am always more into villains than protagonists. They just have more appeal. Especially villains with grins :D ...and that might have started with The Joker. I have loved the character ever since I saw the movie Batman (by Tim Burton) all those years ago. Bruce Wayne in the movie just didn't fit my image of the good-looking playboy millionaire, but Jack Nicholson as The Joker, brilliant! After that, the cartoon Joker (with the one and only true Joker voice by Mark Hamill) stole my heart. I watched through the 60's Batman TV series and tried to like Cesar Romero, but Nicholson had set too high a standard for my live action Joker... Then, Dark Night was announced.

At first I was really really sceptical of how Heath Ledger would be able to pull off my favourite villain of all times (well, Loki hadn't blipped in my radar yet, now I couldn't choose between them). I read about how they planned to make his Joker makeup crumble and maybe I even saw a photo of Ledger in the makeup and thought that "No! This isn't my Joker!" because in my head Joker was supposed to really have white skin. It would have been a bit too comical for Nolan's vision though.

But then I saw the first movie poster with Joker in it. He was looming in the middle of the street, looking over his shoulder. And it was BAM! Insta-Love~? He just looked so much like the sinister Joker that was in Killing Joke comic. It had just the right feel! So I went to see the movie when it came out in the theatres and loved it from the beginning to the end. It still is my favourite Batman film after several re-watchings. That magic trick Joker does with the pencil cracks me up every single time! XD ...ok, maybe that tells something about me... :P

So I'm very glad to have bought this Nendo and can't wait to get it home! I will take it with me to work so that it can intimidate any co-workers that wish to mess with me ;)

Now if I had a real Joker, I would use him to go after Temperance "Bones" Brennan. (Since hey, if Joker was unfictional, so could that insuffreable woman.) I don't really have anything else to do during the days than watch Netflix and since I've pretty much scoured through all of it (that is available in Finland) I started to watch Bones. I haven't felt appeal for the show when it had been aired in normal TV, but now I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel so to speak. I have watched through 8 and a half seasons and now I just can't take it anymore! That Brennan is the most annoying protagonist of all time! X(

She is supposed to be so very smart and as anthropologists she gives countless examples of cultural accustoms throughout the series. Still as the series progresses she seems to become more and more oblivious to the basic rules of human interaction in her own cultural environment. Like she becomes more and more stupid with every episode >_< I think the producers (which include the actress herself) think it makes her endearing on some level, considering how they have also scripted every other 'good guy' to cocoon her from any negative input that might shake her little world in which she is the absolute and necessary leader. I mean really?! In what irl workplace would anyone put up with that amount of narcissism and blatant ignorance of the feelings of others without being called out for it?

I have to admit though that deep down she is a nice person, as in she is not outright evil ot immoral. But her "best friend" Angela must only stick to her because she sees Brennan as a lost kitten to be guided through life and Booth must only really care about her because she is an openly sexual woman (and claims to be good in the sack) who will sleep with him and one he considers to be good-looking. And ever since they miraculously get a child together Booth is stuck with her, being a genuinely nice catholic man.

I think it all really culminated in the pregnancy/marriage arc for me. Brennan is just so unlikeable as a mother (not a bad mother, loves her child for sure, but an insuffreable one). Example: She wants to have a home birth since hospitals are breeding grounds for antibiotic-resistant infections and refutes the hazards of home birth on the grounds that women have given birth in fields in the old days. Aaargh! It is very unlikely that you would get a serious infection in a decent hospital (and they were able to afford a very good one too). But stillbirths and complications were a lot more likely in these golden old days! Because of sterile birth environments, vaccines etc. the amount of babies dying have decreased significantly. But this is a nice fact to disregard just so that she can get her way... And she actually does let slip the real reason she wants a home birth: she has to be in control. I hate people like that! Oh and there are so many other examples of her actually irrational demands. As single instances they might not be that bad, but piled up it just makes me see red!

And the best part is that in this last season they introduced a new character into the series, a new intern Oliver (<3) that matches (or surpasses) Brennan in intellect. He is a polymath who also has trouble with talking to people without sounding arrogant. The thing is, he gets called out for it, even when he isn't actually saying anything wrong. Angela especially really wants to hear a bad tone in his voice. So what makes him different from Brennan, who can threaten all of her interns with firing them if they don't work efficiently enough for her to concentrate on her wedding (?!)? Why are they constantly enabling Brennan to be the dictator when their submission only enforces her own self-image leading to a spiral of doom? Only thing I can think of, is that Brennan is a female. She is being sheltered because they do not think she could handle the negative comments. She truly is their little kitten that must be kept warm and dry. As if being an intelligent female is a rare golden goose egg that must be guarded with all expenses so that it will not get a dent on its precious shell. And once I thought of this, it just feels so sexist it makes me furious!

I never thought I'd find another fictional character I'd hate more than Moiraine, but Brennan certainly is a good candidate for it. I think I've partly watched this show for so long to see if they ever make anyone nudge her down a peg or two. But this being a light entertainment show from America, I doubt it will happen... I just can't watch this anymore, when every minute I'm picturing myself giving the woman a violent shake in effort to rattle some sense into that thick skull of hers.

Oh, that turned out to be a long rant about the subject :D I'm sorry to ant Bones fans out there who read through that, but I just had to vent it out...

Now I'm going to go back to squeeing over my Nendo's promo pics and I'll feel better in no time! ^-^


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