Fluffy in the Head

Fluff on the head 07

I mentioned before that Hani stole the wig I meant for Meringue. She did and she looks even cuter with the fluffy allover ball of curls. A baby dove ~ ^-^
Fluff on the head 01

But I strongly feel that once Dollbakery takes preorders again I'll be ordering those Silverfox eyes for her. I think the silvery beige eye colour will suit her.

Fluff on the head 02Dat nose ~

Fluff on the head 03

Fluff on the head 04

Yeah the cute hands are still a lot pinker than the rest of her. I just have to live with it...

Fluff on the head 05

Fluff on the head 06

That's all for now!


  1. She looks super cute, LOVE the wig!

  2. It was such a blessing that the wig looks this cute on Hani ^-^ It looked like a mess on Meringue and I thought I would have to toss it in the bin. But luckily I tried it on my fluffy dove and now she just looks so right!


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