Beyla Without a Home

Soom Beyla OE 01

Here she is, the OE head that came with Meringue. It took me a while, but I did the face-up last weekend. I've also been blushing a whole lot of Soom coyote parts and heads, but since they are not all done yet, you'll have to wait for another update for those ;) But I can show this one, actually I need to show her, since the longer I keep her in here, the harder it'll be for me to let her go :P
151010 Soom Beyla OE

The face-up is a natural one for more versatility. I used the same idea I did for the Pipos Kitty and put a little lavender to the inner corner of the eyes. It just looks so nice, I can't believe I haven't done this before!

She'll (or he, I'm just used to referring to Beylas as girls) be sold as a head-only with these acrylics included (but not including body, clothes or a wig) so basically as in the face-up compile photo.

Soom Beyla OE 02

But once I put her on this body to take photos showing a possible styling I just fell so much in love with her! She's almost like a WS Hani Q_Q But I really need to let her go, I need the cash and I can't really justify yet another copy of this sculpt, nevermind how it is my favourite... Thenagain if she doesn't sell... :P But I hope she does and goes to a good home! Maybe I just need to redo Hani's face-up, since I wasn't 100% satisfied with the new one.

Soom Beyla OE 03

I'm hoping to get 120€+shipping from the head. She won't come with Soom's box, pillow or certificate (since I have the rest of the doll here I can't really give away the certificate, I could scan it though?).

If you have any questions, ask away! ^-^


  1. She ended up super gorgeous!!! Hope you sell her soon~ I don't have a body so I have to pass xD

  2. Aww, she's super cute. x33 I'm sure she'll find a good owner - hopefully one that likes to share a lot of pictures so we can admire her. :33


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