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I haven't been photographing or painting dolls but I've still done something with them. And that something is alpaca wigs :3 I bought some new locks, blond and dyed lavender and pink and have made some new wigs for my Teenies.

Above is the new default wig for Other-Nuu (really, how hard is it to come up with a name for this doll? Maybe Lumina?). I used my previously bought caramel as a lowlight and mixed it up with blond in the middle to top it off with the lightest blond. I'm also thinking that when I finally do make her a complete doll I might style her as a forest mori creature. Like lacey accessories and flowy clothes with forest green accents :) I'm liking the idea I have in my head now!


Then I used black and purple for a wig for Cotton Candy. I'm liking the highlight look (there's lavender underneath too), but I think I'll do another with pink stripes next. And add a few purple and maybe even blond streaks in there as well. But this wig might work if I get a fully black-purple outfit for her.


And (almost) lastly there is this older wig I made right after doing Milki's. It was way too poofy though, since I didn't leave enough space between the hairstrips. So I made it into a haircut experiment. I first did the cut with scissors but it ended up looking too... cut. Too blocky. I was cursing that I didn't have a knife that hairdressers use to shave hairs (for a more natural result) and left the project be for a long time. Then it occured to me that I do in fact have a sharp blade that could be used for the task: my exacto knife I use for modding. And with that I finally managed to finish this project. :)

I still have a wig in making for Meringue (in blond+pink). I'm not that content with the fur wig I bought for her, it is too rock'n'roll for her look... So I want to try it out with alpaca. It'll be a shorter wig, half length of these previous wigs. I'm just thinking whether it'll be a poofy curly one or a more sleek look. See my new bought locks are quite curly. But my old locks are more straight (because I've washed and dried them myself). That's why I had to straighten (water, brush and leave to dry straightened) the new locks for these wigs above, otherwise they'd have looked wacky :D But since for Meringue I would be using only new locks, I have the option of using them right out of the bag, or then straighten them first... Both would look cute! I can't decide X(

I actually have one poofy cute wig made, but it is a present to a friend... So you'll have to wait and see it later ;)


  1. This is great! I love the haircut on the last wig. so edgy! X)

    I like the name Lumina, it reminds me to Brave Fencer Musashi, I love that game XD

  2. Yeah the wig is quite rocknroll. Sadly I have no rocker teenies who can pull off this hair colour (read: it doesn't look good on Cottoncandy). I think with some small feathers and beads it might pass as a shaman type wig for otherNuu?


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