Other-Me Goes Ballistic

I've had weird dreams all-round, some of which I really should have jotted down to maybe refine them into something useful, but this night (or morning actually) tops the cake!

I can't remember anymore what took us to this point, but here we were, in the wee hours, Valentine and I, readying ourselves to trespass into Valhalla for some very important thing that I can't recall anymore. I would have loved to say it had something to do with Loki, but I doubt it, since we had somehow established that Valentine was Loki reborn or something. I think I was Thor :D

We had to set up our gear properly so we found this librarian (who looked like a preppy secretary from the Sixties) who told us what tome to get so that we could see what exactly Valentine should be wearing. I have no idea why the library was open at this time, but she was no ordirary librarian as while we were getting lost in the index of that tome (I always have the hardest time reading anything in dreamworld, since everything moves around all the time, including letters), the librarian, who was an avid Åsa-enthusiast herself, made Valentine some 'proper' shoes from skyblue leather straps (the detail were incredible in this dream, just read further!).

Well, after getting what we needed, we then positioned ourselves against what we sincerely hoped was the concealed portal into the other dimension. It was a solid wall to others, but holding our gear thightly we closed our eyes and pressed onwards. My forehead met the solid concrete. I heard Valentine grumbling something about this being stupid and that I had embarrased us both. I took a deep breath and 'opened up' with my every cell of being, feeling tingling on my forehead and then I slid forward. It was like pushing through lukewarm hard jelly. I encouraged Valentine to keep trying as I was progressing myself. I was about half way through as we were interrupted by cries of our relatives who had come to see what we were doing. It woke me up from the trans of inter-dimensional travels. But I had no time to feel disappointed of the missed opportunity, since I had to come up with a really good explanation very quickly as to why were standing next to a wall in our nightgowns. I heard Valentine tell them something about sleepwalking. It didn't really matter if they believed us or not, since what was happening outside at the same time was soo to grasp everyone's attention.

The morning sky that I saw through a window was suddenly dotted with shooting stars and I was sure it was the wrath of god angered by our attempt to break the walls of our dimension. (Which god, I cannot say...) I was sure it would be raining comets any minute now. Still, I had the urge to run outside (whereas a bomb shelter might have been a better option irl). I alerted some more relatives to look up to the sky. Horror seemed to be spreading among mankind.

And then, there was a sign that the god might not be angered after all, but maybe even impressed. As then the shooting stars arranged into clear words across the sky: "Fenris is alive." XD *actually lolling here!*

I cried to the skies: "Where is he?"

"Next Midsummer" read the stars, and I knew I was given the time when I would finally meet him in person. And althoug I now think that it might also have been a warning that Fenris-the-big-wolf was sent out to eat me or something, in the dream I was sure this was a reference to Fenris-the-broody-elf from Dragon Age.

"Where?" I asked in desperation. And a lightning (!) struck close by, pointing to a building where I knew that Midsummers dances were held. (Honestly, I'm not making this shit up! Except in the dream of course.)

Well, my mind at ease that I had a year until I got my hands on that elf, I begun to notice other oddities that were the result of the falling stars. Some of them had been spacepods as aliens were suddenly dropping out of the sky.

I encountered one such alien, most like a female Greebo, who attacked me. I had a shiv at my hand (maybe it was conjured out of thin air, maybe I had made it previously when I was readying for Valhalla, I dunno) which I used to quickly stab her in the face. First she was dead. then, as my dreams are flickering, she was back alive, but very impressed by me. She wanted to come to my employment as she thought I was in bounty hunting or body guarding business. And I was like what the heck why not :D

We started setting up a safety consultant business in the neighbourhood, but after taking one weird leap, we were suddenly on another planet (it was like a Stargate jump?) where at least two factions of bounty hunters were fighting each other. Me and my small crew quickly subdued both (Other-Me is kick-ass) and gained more followers. And I remember that I was asking around if anyone had ever heard of a guy named Hawke. It made sense Fenris-wise, but on a more rational thought I might have had better luck finding Sheperd...

Well, my bounty hunting business seemed to be flurishing and I miht as well make a name for myself in waiting for next Midsummer dance where a broody elf might ask me to take a spin on the floor :D

Care to join me on the dancefloor?


  1. Wow and I thought my dreams were weird :P!
    Whit those dreams you could go write movies XD
    Thanks for sharing woooo :D

  2. My dreams are so very weird that they would not make much of a blockbuster film XD I sometimes think that some aspects of them could be refined into better stories (nd true enough, some of my stories have their roots in my dreams), but then they would lose that whimsical nonsense that makes them so funny!


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