Aesthetics of July 2015

150718 Soom Beyla RI actually had a set of three Teenies I had to paint, face and fantasy parts. But I only managed to take pics of Meringue's full parts so I'll post about the other two once I've edited all the pics of them. So above is Meringue's lovely head, my R.Beyla ^-^ I wanted to do a pattern over one eye and well, hearts seem to be my thing. It was actually a bit tricky doing the lines over curved surface but it actually now looks ok from all angles. And I think I did good on how the eyeshadow is purple on the hearted eye, whereas it's blue on the other.

But what can I say?! I love painting Byggs and Beylas! XD Luckily I have one more on the line, since Meringue came with the OE head as well. I'm still a bit undecided on how to paint it (delicate but neutral so more people might be into it or go all out and whacky, so it'll be a better example for my portfolio but attracts smaller crpwn of potential buyers), but it'll be fun!

150718 Soom Beyla hooves

I know I had blue-pink hooves drawn in the mock-up, but I ended up going with golden-pink in the end. It looked much prettier in my head, but when I did the mock-up, it just looked too messy. But I think the pink gradient with the golden hooves looks cute on its own ^-^

150718 Soom Beyla tail

Then, the tail! I was painting Turpentine's tail when I started to think that it would be soo cute to paint those swirls in blue and pink pastels, like a marshmellow :3 So even if I gave up on the blue for the hooves, I wanted to keep it in the colours of the tail. Because horses often have a tail and mane of different colour than the body. And Meringue will have blue in her wig, so tail needs to (somewhat) match, right? :D


  1. OMG that work on those hooves is just the loveliest!!! I ADORE them *u*
    I said it already but your work here was outstanding, I love it all

    You planning on selling the human head ? :O

  2. Thank you so much for your compliments! ^-^ Meringue is by far (and also so far) the work I'm most proud of. I'm just so bummed I don't take so many pictures of the finished doll >_<

    And yes, I need to sell the human head off. I didn't actually want to get a set that included it in the first place, but I just had to take this offer I got. But I already have the same head in NS and grey and plan to get it in tan as well, so a white one would be just a tad overkill! XD I really, really don't want it to start developing a character for itself... But I do want to give it a face-up, a really glamorous one, before selling it.


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