Aesthetics of July 2015 PT2

150811 Soom Keny headI didn't really know what to put in the title really >_< I started this comission in July and actually finished it then too, but I only managed to take the pics in August and edited them just now. I've been sooo backlogged in doll stuffs lately! I might make a post about why too later... Buuuut anyway! I had the pleasure of taking a couple of Velvet's doll as hostages guests here while she was away on a trip. Both were getting a full work of a face-up and parts blushing. And above is the lovely tan Keny that she wanted done in blueish/petrol colourway. Must say, it does look kinda nice in that tan. :) 150811 Soom Keny hooves

And here are the hooves. There was old blushing/sealant that didn't come off as I would have liked, leaving it a bit blotchy at places >_< But the gradient from petrol to almost purplish blue looks as I wanted it to look.

150717 Soom Necy head

The other doll was her Soom Necy surprise, that I had actually face-upped long ago, but who needed an upgrade. Remy, as she's called, has settled on a pink wig and hence needed pink eyebrows too (the old ones were brown). I also tipped her ears with pink. And Velvet wanted to keep the cute heart on her cheek so I was happy to redo that one too. More Teenied need little hearts on their cheeks! UvU

150717 Soom Necy pawsl

And the pink paws to match :3 The Necy paws are much more detailed than say the Hati ones, the latter being more chibified and round or childish. But I like blushing paws of any kind ^_^ I don't want any on my own dolls *knock on wood* but I like doing them for other people's dolls :D


  1. Great painting work here!! I loooove your face ups, If I didn't have already face ups supplies and an airbrush I jsut would send everything your way XD

    I agree that we need more tinies with hearts in their cheeks, I'll try to remember that if I ever get a Bygg/Beyla :D! (or a heart in the nose, but they have such tiny noses lol)

    Your hooves work is always stunning, loved the colors you went for in the tan ones, I woudln't imagine that blue/purple would look so well

  2. OvO Thank you so much for your compliments! And I'd love to see you have a Beyla with a heart-on-cheek!

  3. Kiitos oikein paljon näistä meikeistä! :3 Tykkään molemmista ihan hirmuisesti~ Etenkin Kenyn kohdalla kun nyt kehtaan viimeinkin kuvailla sitä ilman että pitää Photarilla piilotella vanhan meikin huonompia kohtia. x'3

    Lisää tassuja pääset kyllä blushaamaan piankin jos vain haluat. ;))

  4. No parasta on jos nyt nähdään lisää kuvia Kenystä! ^-^ Ja kyllähän mä mielelläni otan lisää töitä vastaan :D


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