New Nendoroid Wants

Joker Nendo

I read this post from Nendonesia and I have to say that this Wonfes lineup really got me excited! Above is the main reason: The JOKER!1! In chibi form! :D It might not have come up in this blog, but I have been a superheroemovie fan long before Marvel's MCU. Back then I was a Batfan though and I didn't much root for superheroes as such, but supervillains ;) And the Joker has a very special place in my fangirl heart. Actually I have to say that if I am a fangirl of anything, it is of Joker. (And maybe still a bit Star Wars, but we'll see in December.

LoveLive Nendo

Then I'm psyched that they are already making alternate versions of the Love Live girls. The previous set with their on stage outfits just didn't grab me, especially for Kotori. But now Kotori has her hairbow like she should and the casual outfit is cute as well. Looking forward to this one!

Wedding Nendo

And finally I sorta fell for these wedding dresses. At first I thought they were doing some sort of Disney princess set looking at the blue dress but they are generic bridal gowns apparently. I have no idea what to do with these though so I might pass them up eventually, but they really are a neat idea :D


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