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I've been pretty occupied with face-ups and blushing, some as comission and some just for me... Up there is a peek at the newest addition of my crew. More to come as I get the faceup done :)

Meanwhile, Velvet posted a questionnaire meme on her blog and the questions were fun enough so I wanted to answer them :)

What got you into the doll/figure hobby?

Short answer? Anime.

Long answer: I remember when I was in my late teens/early twenties and my boyfriend-at-the-time had the animes I wanted to watch. I had known of their existence on some level before that (read: I had watched the anime that was broadcasted on national TV, like Sailor Moon with Swedish dubs and Magic Knight Rayearth), but being a total internet-n00b I didn't know about torrents so I didn't know how to get my hands on more of them. Luckily there now was a whole library to watch through! I loved Chobits and other romantic shows. I also really really liked his collection of anime wallpapers, the artwprk was just so beautiful. So I went to search for more of them. And then I stumbled on anime figures. I resisted them for a long time, since most just weren't that fine quality. But then I found blogs that did reviews on them and found all about Max Factory, Good Smile Cpmpany and Alter... And I fell for them.

Then after a while I started finding mentions of Dollfie Dreams on the figure blogs and researched them. I found them way too hard to get, since I didn't understand them at all :D I honestly thought I had to buy one piece by piece from Volks, since they only seemed to have spare parts in stock.

Volks did have their standard Super Dollfies in stock though, but I thought they looked way too ugly and were way overpriced. XD It was only some time after I found Hartsilapset-forum and then Dream of Doll website and then when I saw Soom... Rest is history.

Do you ever regret getting into the hobby or have you thought of quitting? Why/Why not?

There were times when I regretted getting into PVC figures, mainly because I was a poor student back then and wasted loads of money on these things. I actually at one point had multiple preorders which I then cancelled and started to downsize my collection. This is why I still have no Miku figures... But the ones I have left are quite dear to me. There are a few I might end up selling, but not all of them.

Of the doll hobby, I have not had any feelings of quitting. Even if I somehow quitted the community all together, I still couldn't sell the ones I have. Some are too precious as valuables, and I would forever dread that if I wanted to get them again it would cost me a fortune so I can't sell them. Others are too precious as characters, and I love having them as dolls. Some are just too cute to get rid of :3

If you had to choose only one type of dolls/figures/toys/*insert things you collect here* to collect, what would you choose and why?

Soom Teenie Gems. That is to say if I could still keep everything else I already have :P But I need moar Teenies!

If you could create any kind of game, what kind of a game would it be?

It would be like Dragon Age, but without the endless running around finding lost sheep or whatnots, with at least double the dialogue and that it would actually effect the game more drastically and with cooler hairdos, more colourful clothes and massive swords. ... Think of Final Fantasy visuals, with date-sim romancing and a world to save.

Tell us a little about one of your favorite fictive characters and why do you love them so much?

Ford Prefect, the red headed rascal, a froody dude who knows where his towel is. Douglas Adams' Guide was the first novel series I really fell for. And I just loved Ford. He was adventurous, care-free, liked Elvis, was a writer and a musician and wasn't afraid to stick it up for corporates. Of course nowadays when I read the books he is pretty much a drunkard womanizer, with complete lack of responsibility that leeches off his more famous friends. Not father material, not even husband material :D But that says a bit more about my changed views on life priorities, and not so much on Ford's froodiness.

Too bad he was pretty much ruined by the Guide movie (where the hwck is his red fifties hair?!) and the Colfer sequel (blue hair...? Really?). Colfer especially totally ruined Ford's finer aspects and downgraded him into a sad man with a constant alcohol level that would ruin one's liver in days. In the Guide, Ford was usually quite snappish, loved to rub in his expertize in space travel matters and came up with ideas to get him and Arthur out of harm. Then in 'And another thing' it was all Zaphod, and Trillian and Trillian's new boyfriend. Even Arthur was so lost in that book! He used to be the optimist of the bunch, not the totally aloof one that seemed to have an IQ  of 90.

Alright, enough of this before I lose my temper again. Damn that Colfer!

Do you draw? If yes, what is your favorite thing to draw? If not, when did you stop and why?

I draw occasionally and erratically. I tend to do scetches of my OCs, sometimes colouring them in Photoshop. I don't really do any traditional art anymore, and my drawings don't really deserve the title 'art' anyway :D Nowadays I seem to do drawings on my incoming dolls, trying to determine how they might looks like.

When I was younger, I did pencil drawings more often. I even did a few drawings of still images of real people that tirned out quite nice. But if I would have to draw something up from pure imagination, it would definitely not looks that good. I simply didn't have the eye for facial construction and shadowing to do it on my own. I always needed reference.

I would have wanted to be able to draw 'anime' pictures, but it apparently just doesn't work for me. In the end, I don't even know what kind of a style I use when I draw my characters...


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