Introducing Meringue!

Introducing MeringueHere it is, the proof that I have gone completely bonkers. When it comes to Teenies at least. I always said I wouldn't get any dolls with fantasy parts or in a fantasy colour. Well the colour part went out the window when I got Milki or at least when I got Cotton. With the parts, I know I have the hooves for Other-Nuu but she spends so much time in the box that I don't really count her... But a permanent fantasy-parts-only-doll? Was not my cup of tea. Was. I blame partly my friends for having such gorgeous fantasy dolls and the opportunity they have given me to paint them. I have come to like the look of Soom chubby hooves. But still, most fantasy dolls I see seem to be critters of some sort, the type that look good in a forest setting (like Other-Nuu lol) and I just didn't have any plans for ome of that kind. But then. Then I had the idea that I could make a doll to represent carousel horses, so I could utilise the lovely Bygg/Beyla romantic head I love but had no good character for. And now I have Meringue... Hardcore Pony 03

You could see her hooves in the previous post, sorry I couldn't take any full body shots in this session. She's a bit high maintenance with the hooves, since my usual photo spots aren't exactly level. I need to think of something new so I can show her to you in her full glory.

Hardcore Pony 02

But being a carousel horse, she's more like an automata, machina or cyborg even and for some reason that seemed more appealing to me than a more traditional fantasy creature like a little unicorn.

Also, with an automata background, she might work well with Deary's Turpentine, even with a bit of an overlapping story of some kind. I know Velvet has robotic dolls as well, so maybe we can all link our dolls :)

Hardcore Pony 01

She still needs blushing to her hands. I also need to reglue her tail magnet inside the torso as it came loose. I have no idea how to do that yet, but I'll figure it out. And she needs her own wig, although this borrowed wig from Hani does suit her very well! I was fretting about her eyes, since I couldn't come to a conclusion on what kind of eyes to get for her, but the seller kindly sent these pink sparkly Soom eyes with her and they seem to work fine for now. But I'm thinking of getting some sort of golden eyes for her eventually. Or Confettis from Dollbakery. But very sparkly Oscar eyes in golden tones would be perfect!


  1. Ohh! I saw pictures of her on your Flickr, but didn't realize that she was your doll until reading this post X''D I thought it was a commission faceup etc. But boy, she looks so pretty! ? Love the faceup~ I think she fits perfectly into your doll family :3

  2. Oh I'd love to do something similar as a comission! :3 But yes this was for my own doll. I had the image of the heart-on-eye in my mind ever since I thought about this doll and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

  3. I'm a bit late, but I just came to say she's gorgeous! I love how the borrowed wig suits her, it matches her dress too!
    And now I really have to get a teenie with those adorable cute hands! *__*

  4. I'm sorry it took me this long to see this and say: PERFECTION!

  5. Cutie hands for teh win! ^-^ And I'm really warming u to the borrowed wig myself.

  6. Don't worry about how long it took, I haven't been online here myself in a while XD ... I really should socialize more in my own blog at least... :P


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