Picnic Meetup


We were planning on a small picnic meet with our group of friends before, but couldn't find a suitable date. But then this Monday when I had some trouble with my sealant and needed to go get some more from downtown, I was happy that all my friends also had time, so we had an ex tempore picnic meet! :3 I took Yuffie and Rigel with me. And we had some cool/hilarious doll couples/pairs present. Velvet's and mine double Skolls, Velvet's and Deary's double Byggs, somehow Yuffie and Bran ended up looking like a married coupe with kids... That 'Bad Uncle' pin that Bran has is quite fitting, since Yuf is only 14....



Turpentine and Floyd <3 Damn I want a R.Beyla now! Those tails and hooves!

I was a bit worried that none of my pictures would turn out ok, since sun was beaming from a cloudless sky. But the camera phone I use mostly for Insta is actually quite good. Maybe it is designed specifically to take good selfies and photos in too bright or too dark enviroments, that is places where people usually take social photos, on a sunny day or in a dim restaurant. That phone is actually Valentine's but it is broken somehow, cutting calls or not ringing or something that made it useless as a phone. But it still works fine otherwise, so I use it for playing and now taking better photos than on my own Galaxy mini that has a very shitty camera.


Deary's and my tinies. I'm starting to realise just how many dolls around me are painted by me... And the list will go on, since after current comissions I'll be taking a few of Velvet's dolls for a spa treatement and Sugar was asking after a slot as well. But it's all good, I like working with/for my friends.


As I get to see the dolls whole afterwards and really see how they look with their nee face-up and/or blushing. Like Bleu here, who is also sporting some new clothes Deary got him recently. The little blue fellow looks so nicely casual!


Rigel's... something (twin? Evil twin? Nemesis? Accomplice?), aka Chad the grey Skoll. Now I'm a bit sad I didn't take a good close up photo of Rigel too, as his face-up was really sparkling in the sunlight. Thenagain I don't know if I could have captured that with a camera... Somethings are better experienced irl, I guess.


And closing off with Yuffie.

We had a fun picnic. Ate tasty things, enjoyed the sunlight. And afterwards we went to the center shopping mall to buy some accessories (coming up in a later post) and ice cream. It was a perfect way to get that sealant out of my mind. :)


  1. I loved the picnic too! We have to arrange it again, maybe next time the weather will be less windy! ^^ Did you try the new bottle of sealant yet? Is it any better?

  2. Yes, let's do it again with more cheesecakes :) I need to get a small cooler carrier. And with the sealant, so far so good, but so it was the last time too. Fingers crossed though that this one doesn't chip.

  3. Thanks for the lovely picnic! <3 Made me feel better since I was a little bit blue (heh) in the morning but our get-together cheered me up. ^3^ It's always so fun meeting you guys!

    Omg, I'm dying of laughter at Bram the bad uncle courting a 14-year-old Yuffie. x'DDD (well, it really wouldn't be a laughing matter if they were real people but...)

    You really got good pics even in those difficult lighting conditions! I should have tried to take a few "head shots" as well. sigh. Oh, next time then!

  4. Oh and thanks for the tasty cheesecake~ <3

  5. Meeting friends and doing something completely different usually helps with blue thoughts, at least for me. So it appears that the ex tempore timing had more pros than cons :)

    And re: Yuffie + Bram: This is why it's good to have dolls XD Bram wouldn't be the first adult she'd try to date... But like, dates only. Yuffie is quite inexperienced with the more advanced intimacy stuff, nevermind how cocky she sounds :P


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