Aesthetics of June 2015

150616 Soom Cinderella

Above is the face-up that really set the bar for my future work :P It also shows what I'll do when given somewhat free reign. The client ordered a face-up in shades of blue and a melancholy expression for an ice queen and said that I could 'improvise from that'. I had done a couple of other blue face-ups quite recently, so I wanted to go with a bit different complimentary colours this time. Luckily the cold pinks go better for an ice queen theme than healthy peaches! After a bit of thought I also wanted to blend just a bit of purples into it, mainly the lips, since I didn't want her to look too frost-bitten, but more like blues were her natural colour.

At first I had wanted to paint little snowflakes at the temples over the blue blushing, but that ended up looking too shoddy. I simply can't paint in this scale... And my white pencil doesn't show up against a lighter background. But I ended up doing these white lines that might look like cracks in glaciers or something being frozen. I dunno, it just looks 'icy' to me.

I also have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised by this newer Soom head. There are actually little teeth in that mouth, sculpted in much detail, but I of course failed to photograph them... :( And it is a cute sculpt overall. I've been very underwhelmed by recent Soom releases, but it might just be the default face-ups, that look really 'meh' to me and usually don't do justice to the sculpts' mouths, which are the most important selling point to me personally.

150616 Soom Topaz

Still, Cinderella is no Topaz... I have loved Topaz forever! So it was a thrill to paint one :3 Those lips! Those doe-eyes that still make her look a bit impish! There is so much personality in this sculpt, I'm sad that she isn't as numerous as Amber...

On to the face-up, I was actually asked to recreate the previous face-up that the owner had done herself. It was a very neutral and naturally fresh face-up that suited a red-eyed red-head. The main attraction was the rosy coloured lips. This time I did the lips with three separate colours to give them a more 3D look. That turned out looking quite nice, if I say so myself, but it was a good thing the lips are so big, so there is enough surface to do more shading.

150624 Pipos Baha

Then finally, I got to do an entire Kitten :3 This sleepy kitty belongs to Deary and it was many a first for me. First anthro to paint, first fully sleeping sculpt, first truly all-around blushing (the pegasos was close, but this time I have blushed every visible piece of resin). I just loved blushing those closed eyelids! Moar sleeping sculpts, please! There was such a vast canvas to paint, I'm actually proud I managed to hold myself back from overdoing it XD Because in the end, this is a sweet kitty, not an alley cat that has a ton of make-up...

We also discussed whiskers and Deary decided against them. It is a thin line between truly animal and anthro, but I think the blushed cheeks without whisker spots give the more anthro wibe, so it was a good call.

150624 Pipos Baha fullbody 1
150624 Pipos Baha fullbody 4
150624 Pipos Baha fullbody 3
150624 Pipos Baha fullbody 2

The blushing was pretty simple, some shading to the joints and then the spots and paws. I'm glad Deary didn't have a striped cat to shove me as my first anthro blushing XD That wouls have been  a challenge on its own, but maybe a simple start is the best ;)

In the next episode you should be seeing some Teenie Gems again, since a few from Velvet's crew have come to spend some spa time :3


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