You Want a Lollipop?

You want a lollipop? 1

Ah, Rigel. Somehow this doll inspires me to think of more extravagant photo sets, but then I just fail to deliver XD But I want to do a chess theme photoshoot at some point and after our big meetup at the end of the month I'll probably have a black&white diamond backdrop that I want to use for him.

You want a lollipop? 2

I also have these crazy designs in my head for what I want his outfits to look like. It'd be very Dollheart meets Ciel Phantomhiveish, in Rigel's colourway. I just need a seamstress who can excecute it, but I hope I can use a local seamstress since her work seems very close to what I'm going for (except I need more ruffles and assymetry) and looks like high-quality work.

You want a lollipop? 3

Rigel deserves all the good things for being such a cutie!

I dunno, I was thinking before that if I got a tan Hati, I'd style it more casually, or in gyaru or something. Now I sort of want to style it with a black wig with a pink stripe and then all her clothes would be black-white-pink, but with more black than Rigel. And I'd name her Betelgeuse Seven, although she really needs a nickname... :P However that guary also sound cuuuute!


  1. Rigel is one of my faves of all time X)!!! a tan Hati to go with him would me super cool!

  2. Thank you :) Rigel did turn out way better than I ever imagined. Now to just get him the awesome clothes that he deserves!

  3. He is adoable and awesome. look forward to the clothes you pick for him

  4. Thanks! Haven't found anything ready-made, so I think I'll have to go through the comission route :)

  5. Such a cute doll! I stumbled over your blog, picked up your button for the link exchange and have it up on my blog! Have a great new week!

  6. Thank you! I checked your blog and I hope you keep posting about your cute girl :)


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