Teenie Arms Comparison

TG arm comparison 1 straight

The topic of different elbows of Soom's Teenie Gems sometimes comes up in DoA discussions so I made a comparison since I own all three kinds. It actually came to me as a surprise that they had again upgraded the elbows when I got Rigel home, I must have missed the announcement for it altogether. At first I thought he had come with the original Teenie body, since the original Skolls came with it. It was a bit silly to think that though, since he did come with the renewed basic hands and not the older shovels. And after a bit I noticed that his elbows had these little notches and then realised that the elbows were something completely different to the older single joints.

First on the left is the first and oldest, simple joint elbow. In the middle is the two-piece elbow that has the little peanut which I personally hate, since it tends to just revolve around and not be how I want it to be. I think it was first implemented wih the Taco/Dolomi if my memory serves me right, so that'd be early 2010. My Ai still has the old single joint. And then on the right is the newest upgraded single-joint elbow, which is my favourite. I have no idea when they started to produce this newest elbow, so if you know, please let me know!

TG arm comparison 2 backwards

This photo is showing how much the arm can be bent backwards, nevermind if the arm is supposed to be bent that way. The old single-joint doesn't bend at all :D And with the double-jointed the peanut must be rotated around to achieve this (but the peanut rotates on its own so you'll most likely get this result even if you don't want to...). The newest elbow just snaps into this position quite easily.

Actually I have to say that maybe most of the problems with the double-joint are due to tension. I have the hardest time wih Hani's arms since they revolve around line crazy. However Cotton is strung more tightly and her arms are alright to handle. Still not my favourite joint, but not making me rage-quit like Hani sometimes makes me do...

TG arm comparison 3 bent

And lastly we have the usual bend. Upper photo shows 90 degree and then the bottom the smallest angle possible.

The old single-joint has the 90 degree bending and that's it. Cannot move any closer without popping the joint out. The double-joint has the most range and that might be the reason I take so many pictures of Cotton touching her lips... But the upgraded single isn't too bad either.

All in all, I hope this helps someone stuggling with their Teenie elbows. For myself, I have to hands down confess that I prefer the newest single-joint, if it hadn't yet been made clear :D Makes me want to get more newer Teenies :P


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