Super Magical Girl Cotton

Blue Cotton 01

Some starry effect photos of Cotton! There is also a new light blue background there somewhere, but I think it got blurrdd out at editing... :P Well, the colour compliments Cotton's look, at least until I get Meringue to steal these clothes from her.

Blue Cotton 02

Aaand Cotton looks like "oh you can try to steal from my wardrobe but let's see how you like your hands cut off". I need to get this girl her own pastel goth clothes asap!

Well, not much more to post about, just wanted to share a few pics I took this weekend. I actually took a lot of photos of different dolls and things as I had negotiated a 'day-off' with Valentine. Now I need to trickle them into the blog since who knows when I next have the chance XD


  1. really cute and evil at the same time xD Ohhh if looks could kill X)...
    second pic looks like she's gonna put a hex on you

  2. Thaaat's Cotton Candy for you! XD


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