Rosemilk 02

It was our 5th anniversary yesterday. I was almost as cute as Milki here, actually dressed in pink/black colourway and wearing a rose (in my hair though). My complexion is not that unhealthy-looking though :D Milki however looks like she could be a flower girl at somebody's wedding (doesn't fit the colours of our wedding though). But she's stuck at the counter of Rigel's sweet shop. She might be overdressed for the job, but hey, so are all my other Teenies :D

Rosemilk 03

We were actually planning on returning to Mauritius for the anniversary, since we went there for our honeymoon. It was such a beautiful and relaxing place and I remember that place whenever I smell coconut. Buuut there came a Loki-sized obstacle to those plans so we had to downgrade a bit... But as I was giving up hope that we would even have a proper anniversary (our plans were withering to dinner at a low-end restaurant and an action movie), Valentine hit the jackpot. He scored tickets for a Cirque de Soleil show and a reservation for the number 1 restaurant in the city! :3 We came home pretty late so I'm pretty beat up.

So I'm glad I took these photos well beforehand. Nowadays that is how it goes with my doll photography: I have one day to take photos and then I just cram my different dolls in front of the backdrops and shoot away. With some luck I have time to also edit the photos, and then it's just about uploading them. Luckily once I have the photos in my portable drive, I can do the uploads easily with my laptop. But the editing takes a bit more time on our main PC (read: I hear a ticking time bomb as I quick-edit away, fearing when Loki gets a fit that Valentine can't solve).

Rosemilk 04

Milki looks so fresh in these bright photos. And in the picture above, almost like she's running! It's a trick though, I just positioned that fluffy alpaca hair so that it loks like it's moving :D It's one of the perks of fur wigs... Can't really be done with stiff fiber wigs. Which only reminds me that I haven't done any alpaca wigging for a while :D


  1. love the photos!!! I love how her eyes contrast with her skin and look so bright!

  2. Yeah it took me by surprise just how well these amber coloured eyes work with her look. :) I just tried them on out of frustration since nothing else I had seemed to fit her. But they looked so good! I'm so glad that I didn't sell these Dollflowers in the end.


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