Pop! Goes my heart

Pop goes my heart

It's finally May! In Finland we celebrate 1st of May as 'vappu', a working class day. To me it has mostly been about the carneval, cotton candy, other sugary sweets, putting on my white cap (a hat for high school graduates, it's a long tradition to wear them on vappu) and popping sparkling wine. Well this year we skipped the wines, as we took Loki with us, but we ate a lot more sweets XD

The title can be a vague reference to popping wine corks, but it is actually a song title that came to mind when I was editing this photo. It is a song from the movie "Music&Lyrics", a nice rom-com about making pop-songs. The main character played by Hugh Grant is a 80's popstar trying to make a break as a solo artist, and not doing so well... It is a hilarious movie, check it out if you haven't all ready. And the soundtrack is something of its own! It features very cheeky songs that are supposedly by the fictitious 80's band and they just crack me up since they sound so authentic! :D


I also love the singer Hayley Bennet in this movie. She has a marvellous voice, although she normally doesn't do songs quite like in the movie. :P


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