In the Sweet Shop

In the sweets shop 03

I got the rest of my Rement stuff from Amiami last week. It was a store cabinet and sweets to fill it. Again I had initially meant them for my Nendos, but they are a better fit for my Teenies. Sorry little Nendos, you'll get something else when I just find something!

In the sweets shop 02

So now I have something of a cafe set on our dining table. It has given me an idea to the background of my dolls, maybe something to build that photostory on even, but it needs a lot of refining first.

But Hani would make a cute little clerk at the sweet shop, don't you think? :3 She'd freak out if customers started acting up though. So she might need her sister to help her out. At first I though of putting Cotton Candy behind the counter, but I think she would outright refuse a menial job like that... also fuel for thouh for that story setting...

In the sweets shop 01

Oh Nuu, what are you going to pick? They all look so good, it must be a hard choise. :)

I have kept Nuu in her birthday celebration outfit for a long time. It doesn't really suit her character, but looks too damn cute! And I think it'll work so well in our upcoming meet at the end of May. It's a children's birthday themed meet, and basically Nuu might be the only doll of mine to suit it... I still want to take at least one more doll with me, so I have to go over their wardrobes to see if there's something I can work with. Well whatever dolls I do take there, it is still bound to be an amazing meet! We have all these decorations planned out so I hope I'll be posting plenty of photos of the meet. :)

And btw, while handling Nuu for these photos, and especially when taking out her eyes for my urethane eye pos (coming soon!), I noticed that her face-up had started to rub off :( It's not visible in any of the blushing, but the sealant has rubbed off on the side of her face, making it shinier than the rest of the face. That area is actually quite large, meaning that sooner rather than later I have to redo her face. *dread* There are things I would like to change though, so it's not all bad. I'd blush her cheeks to rosey colour and maybe add some white freckles even. And I'd make Other-Nuu's eyelids a whole lot more colourful. I'm just so worried I won't get the same mood on her when I paint her... And I love her so much :(


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