Help! WTB R.Beyla

WTB Unicorn Beyla
Photo from Soom

I have gathered the money to afford Meringue so here it is, the WTB :) I really want the unicorn Beyla to join my Teenie crew, so if you know of one for sale, please msg me!

Looking for:
- R.head with horn (no human head needed)
- body with hooves ONLY (no need for the human legs)
- preferably cute hands (basic hands not needed), but not a deal-breaker
- tail

All parts blank, so all stains can be seen. I am going to do a custom on this, so I won't pay for any existing face-up/blushing. Yellowing is fine, to some extent even uneven yellowing, but it affects the price I'm willing to pay.

Hoping to pay 250€ + shipping, but open to offers! Especially if from EU!


  1. Good luck on finding Beyla! ^^ I remember that there was a time when it felt like everyone was selling their Beylas/Byggs, they were all over the marketplace... But now there are apparently none :/ She was a popular doll though and there are many of them out there, so I'm sure that you'll find one eventually! I'll try to keep my eyes open too and will definitely let you know if I stumble on a Beyla for sale~

  2. Thank you for good luck wishes! And I remember that a year back there were so many Beylas for sale but yeah they are all gone now... But thenagain the prices before the FCEs were quite belated, so I'm just hoping for that one reasonable offer. It's all I need :)

  3. Good luck finding Beyla!!! I hope you get her soon, that would be exciting!

  4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the right Beyla finds her way to you~ :3 Also I'll keep my eyes open too for possible candidates up for sale. ^^

  5. I'm so happy that you (and others) are cheering me on! It'll feel like a team win if (when!) I get this doll :3

  6. Thank you for the help, every pair of eyes will make the search easier :)


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