Forum Birthday Meetup

Yesterday we celebrated our national forum's tenth birthday at a meetup me and my friends set up. I was again too occupied with the actual meet to take proper pictures of the dolls, I only took a few snaps before any guests had arrived and then of a few dolls. So you will have to take my word that there were loads of dolls present :) Here are some of them, in the front are Deary's Turpentine and Bleu who just got his head back, Velvet's Lucky, Remy and baby-sitter Lysander with my Nuu.

Nuu sitting by herself in the birthday background we had set up. We had bought decorations and backdrops from Tiger (a sort of a dollar store) and guests seemed to like that we had put in just a bit more effort than usual. I definitely enjoyed that the place had a slight birthday feel to it, given it was the reason for the meet. And now we just need to top this for the next big meet :3 At least Halloween should be great this year if Velvet is coming to decorate ;)

But it'll be the last time I use these small balloons. They are intended to be used as water balloons, so they were a pain to blow! But Fyrd and Sugar's Sepe seem to enjoy them. As they are planning on world domination, judging from their looks.

I had also brought Milki and Cotton with me, but they were a bit isolated from the rest of the Teenie herd present.

I did take some photos of other dolls though :) It was a pleasure to see Velvet's tan "nosejob"-Chrom irl, Lysander looks gorgeous! (Somehow I had gotten in my head that his name was Lycander, silly me.)

You might spot a familiar face on the right there. :) It is the Gus I painted, all complete. The owner Xaya also had a beautiful custom May V. in baked resin at the meet. Stupidly I didn't take a photo... Then other two MSDs belonged to Fairchildren and Lunaticz.

Then I snapped a photo of Mista's pink Chloe. Sadly seeing these irl reinforced my feeling that MSD just are too small for me, but not small enough. Still, nevemind how popular this sculpt is, it is still so very pretty. Too bad for my wallet there is a F60 Chloe as well...

And then I tried to take a good photo of this lovely lady, owned by moefever. Failed, as the photos were blurred :( But I just loved that puffy hair in varying tourqoise shades and the mori styling :)

All in all, despite the severe lack of photos in relation to how many dolls there were, it was a fun meet. We also got nice comments from the guests, hinting that any new meets might also be popular. And it is always the more the merrier! I talked to quite a many new people I don't recall really talking to before, maybe being an organiser finally forced me out of my comfort bubble so I didn't just hang back at my own little corner. Or maybe wearing silly lolita clothes just makes me more enthusiastic and outgoing... It is almost like, my image of a lolita is this sweet girl who talks happily to others, so when I put on my frills, it is actually easier to ...well, talk happily to others :D When I am in my business wear, I tend to be more serious on the whole.

And against my usual 'don't want to post selfies in the blog', I just really want to share my coord for the meet:

I wore my AP Chocolate Quartet salopette (loving this dress! I want more salopettes!) as a casual set of AP hoodie cutsew, cuffs and headbow with offbrand jewellery and tights and BL shoes. Also sporting my dusty pink wig, which has a nice cut for me. I have to get this wig in other colours as well! I also had made a more 'lolitaish' make-up (was so going to write face-up lol), but I just couldn't take a proper picture of it :(

Only Velvet had come to the meet in loli, wearing her own mint salopette (why didn't we take a pair picture?!). I hope the guests didn't feel too uncomfortable with my pastels and frills swooping about :P


  1. Looks like you had a great time at the meet-up ^^ So many pretty dollies and lovely decorations~ Love your outfit too <3

  2. It has been too long since my last big meetup, I had forgotten how fun they can be :) But I had a blast and hoping to redo this soon.

  3. It certainly was one of the best meets I've been to up to this date. Our forum turned 10 years with a bang! :3 Lovely pics too, and the fact that they are originally meant for Instagram gives more intimate feel to them~ Thank you for arranging and definitely a yes to more meets with themes! Let's start planning for that Halloween meet already. >:)

    Your coord was really cute! Oh yeah, we should have taken a pic together, but we can always dress up and take one later! I'll just have to wear heels or something so that I don't look like a total midget beside you and those lovely platform shoes~ <3 :D

    I loved Fyrd's party outfit BTW~ <3
    Oh and Lycander is even a better name than Lysander, mind if he'll be called that from now on? :'D Since he's a sort of a wolf youkai thing I think it'd be fitting.

  4. You look great with pink hair! Many years ago I used to have it pink and it was so much fun XD maybe I should be a wig like you so I can rock it again lol Your outfit is very pretty and cute! And the dolls as always super pretty

  5. I think the name twisted in my head because Chrom is a wolf doll and lycans etc. Be free to use it, then I'll more probably will be spelling it right XD
    And thank you for the coord-compliments *_* It always surprises me that I can be taller than others, even in heels. Valentine and all his friends are so tall it hasn't made any difference if I wore heels or not, I was always the short one :D Taking ootd-photos is a new thing for me though, maybe that's why I didn't think of taking group photos with my friends either. Must correct that, and not just snap photos of dolls all the time :P And I think that for meetup pictures, the Insta photos work great. They give a definite feel of "I was really there", if you know what I mean.

  6. I would have loved to have pastel hair for real when I was a teen, and I still would. But with my job and being a mom and everything it just feels a bit too much atm. So I keep my hair a natural colour (not my own natural colour, but natural for someone) and then use wigs for special occasions where I can be a little silly again :3 It has worked out fine, and really saves time in getting prepared to go out. :D


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