Back from Hellocon 2015

Hellocon haul

I attended Hellocon, Helsinki Lolita Convention, yesterday and met Velvet and her friend Ayumi there. I was almost going to pass it this year because of Loki, but when Angelic Pretty was announced as the guest of honour I just had to go. So it's no wonder a lot of my haul consist of AP items :D I was a bit bummed though that they didn't have any skirts for sale at least by the time I got there. I still need to find a Berry Princess skirt in ivory from somewhere...

Hellocon haul

I bought a lot of jewellery from Sweet&Tiny. I probably could have emptied their table if I hadn't been able to reel myself back a bit :D All of their products looked so delicious! At first I just bought that heart macaron necklace, to go with my chocolate coords. It is very heavy and has nice details and a good finish.

But then I started to think about the strawberry coord I sometime want to finish, to use during summer days. I still need that skirt for the look (damn that those AP berry prints sell out so fast!!), but I started to hoard the accessories for the look. I was very close to buy a ring and a necklace from this set as well, but in the end I decided that the ring was a bit too large (I don't use rings that often so heavy rings feel uncomfortable and I tend to just take them off constantly) and the necklace - although very very pretty - was not as country-feel as I would have wanted. I can live with the little crowns on the earrings, since they are partially hidden by hair anyway. But it was a bit too prominent on the necklace for what I was going for.

Hellocon haul

Then for more strawberries I bought the Berry Princess head bow direct from AP. Funnily though I left the strawberry print tights behind I got a jewel print instead... But I figured those tights would go well with my other clothes. The berry tights had a horizontal print which I think would not compliment by thick thighs that well.

The other headbow was from the flea market, as was the AP tote bag. The headbow is perfect for my chocolate coords, and so is the bag so I was very happy to find both.

On the con itself, it was quite fun. The fashions shows were nice, and again the special theme show was my favourite, although they could have taken the circus theme just a notch further by adding hoop/whip/folding chair props or the like. Not many skirt coords shown, but no surprise there. The other programs, Q&A and Pimp my frills were also fun to watch. I was glad they had changed the announcer this year and she was very good at her job! She was very enthusiastic and was doing her best at making the audience feel relaxed and welcome. I hope she keeps that job next year :) On other accounts as well the con seemed more organised than last year and I hope they keep on improving so that the con can live for many years.

Velvet and Ayumi had their dolls with them, and they served as good ice breakers as many people came over to ask or squee about them. Maybe I have to take a doll with me the next time I go. :)


  1. I didn't know there were lolita conventions, but there's almost no conventions here, just for anime and videogames ahaha
    You got some really nice stuff, I'm glad you had fun!

  2. Europe has a few lolita conventions and this year even more since Sweden is going to have their first as well. I still want to go to Paris one summer since there is an actual shop for Baby and last year there was a pop-up shop for AP. There are also some tea parties hosted there occasionally. (There used to be a permanent AP store as well in Paris, but sadly that closed up :( )
    Now Finland seems to be full of conventions :D We have the usual anime cons, then cons for specifically cosplay, scifi, toys, rpg etc. And some that seem to just have it all... Myself I have been only to a few different ones, averaging about two per year. I have tried to go to any cons in my own city (well I skipped the cosplay con since I don't do cosplay myself, although I love to see well-made outfits) and then recently to Tracon and Hellocon that are out-of-town.
    Now that I have found the cheaper bus lines though I could try to go to more cons, depending on Loki.

  3. Thank you for the fun con-company, I'm happy that you could come! ^3^
    I was a little iffy at first about taking the dolls with us (Ayumi suggested it) but then I thought why not. It was a bit of a surprise to me that people came to chat with us about the dolls (and that yes, it is the magical word "Soom" that always seems to do the trick x'D) but it was nice to see that lolitas are into bjds as well. :3
    I'll definitely take a doll with me next time too~

  4. Soom was definitely known... Maybe I need to dress Nigel into frills and drag him along next time :D Although the bastard weighs a ton...
    Thenagain it was easier to shop with both hands free :P
    Anyway, thank you again for company this year! It would have been infinitely less pleasant alone.


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