Aesthetics of May 2015

150520 Bluefairy Gus

This month I took a little less comission work than April. I have a slot reserved for two more heads, but they won't arrive until the end of the month, so they won't be finished until in June. However, I like the easier pace that leaves me more time for toher things.

Well, above is a comission to paint a Bluefairy boy. I loved this! Bluefairy default face-ups are kind of bland and simplistic that goes well for the image they are going for, but is so far off from my own style. So it was a thrill to give a more intense face-up on one of them :) I hope to do more, maybe a girl with a more smokey eyes or just plain pastel colours.

140520 Impldoll Ada

And then I did an upgrade on Deary's Bleu. You can see the old version here. It has been three years since I last painted this head and it sure shows :D I remember last time I was cursing because pastel got stuck in those deep grooves between the nose and the eyes. Well, I knew to watch out for it this time, but I still managed to spread the pastels more softly. Also, the eyebrows and especially the lashes are way better now! Yey for seeing concrete improvement :3


  1. lovely works! I loved seeing your previous face up on the same head to check your progress
    And it's always super cool to see blue fairy dolls with non default face ups!

  2. Thank you :3 I sometimes see progress myself when I master some new technique with face-ups, but mostly it happens so gradually that I don't see improvement myself. But then when I put side by side two face-ups that were done years apart, it is obvious that all that practice hasn't gone to waste :) I still have miles to go though, and there never is such a thing as "perfect" when it comes to face-ups, so I will keep on trying to improve!

  3. Wow, that Bluefairy boy looks so good with a slight smoky eyes effect~ <3 Makes him look more mature than the default face ups do which is a good thing!

    And that's amazing improvement in face-ups! O3O The start is not bad, but I think you've refined your style and are more comfortable with it and that shows in the finished face-ups. Bleu is sooooo cute and I especially like those little lines which defines his eyelids~

  4. Over the years I have gotten bolder with colours and intensity for sure. Those eyelid lines are my next hurdle. I have succeeded with them occasionally, but once I master them consistently, I can say I have gained a lvl up! :D They are very needed (imo) in sculpts like this one where there are no sculpted creases over the eyes.

  5. I just have to comment that I absolutely love my little Bleu! He's such a heartbreaker, I can't take it! Now Turpentine and Bleu are sitting on my table together and every time I see them I almost squeal because they are so freaking cute! XD

  6. I'm glad you decided to comission a redo then :) And also looking forward to painting your Kitten, he should be done by the end of this month.


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