Plans for More Sugar


Paint drawings are Paint drawings... But I realised we don't have the scanner plugged in atm so if I wanted to show you what I was planning, I would have to draw it digitally... The quality is crap, but you get the picture right ;)

Yes, I am planning to get yet another Bygg! And the unicorn version, at that! Well, in fact it's a Beyla, but the same sculpt anyway.

I have been thinking what to do with a fantasy Bygg/Beyla if I got one. As I've mentioned before, I'm not that much of a fantasy doll collector myself. The only thing I could think of doing with a white unicorn, was to make it into my unicorn-centaur character Lani, who happens to be all pure white and with a taste for blood. A very sweet kid otherwise and he can't really help his diet :P I love the character, but he would be a bit dull as a doll. Not much variety there...

But short time ago my grand-parents came to visit and I got a carousel music box from my grandmother as a gift. A very pretty thing, in colours of cream pink and gold. And watching it made me rethink that fantasy Beyla. I could make one as a carousel horse!

The idea grew from there. In the end, although purely pink-gold horse would have been very nice as well, I want a pink-blue-gold colour scheme. Just because then I can use more colour variance on the doll and not be so damn limited... I'm shaking my fist at you, Rigel! It is impossible to find nice clothes for you!

So what I need is to find a unicorn Beyla without any human parts, blank as I have a very specific face-up planned for her. I intend to start looking for one after I've accumulated enough cash from my face-up comissions. So if you comission a face-up from me, know that this doll is what that money will go towards! :) Plus I need a new custom Spite&Malice wig, very glittery eyes (Oscars perhaps?) and more frills. But I won't need shoes for her! :D

And who is she? I'm planning to name her Marenki, which means meringue in Finnish. Meringue would also have been a nice name, I like how it looks written, but I would have such a hard time pronoincing it >_< I instinctively start pronouncing it like in French and just end up sounding really silly. Maybe I need to just work on it...

She'll be an indulgence demon, a sly and prideful being I think. Rigel's friend/underling/minion. When I think of her, I always start to hear music box jingles. She can be a bit creepy, but looks very sweet. And I can't wait to get her! I just hope my plans won't be shot by the time I have the money to buy her... If I even can find a Beyla of my needs...


  1. Oh your plans sound very interesting, love her name too~ You could always "officially" name her Meringue, but call her Marenki or even Meri, as a short version of Merinque? XD

  2. That is a very good idea! I actually sort of do that with Cotton as I also sometimes call her Hattara. And I'm really liking Meringue as a name.

  3. Loved this plan from the moment I first heard about it! ^3^ So I'd be happy if you will find the Beyla you are searching for because I'd really really like to see Meringue as a doll~
    (And yay for fantasy-dolls! ;) )

  4. Ha, I just hoping Meringue won't be the start of a slippery slope for me in regards to getting more fantasy dolls. Luckily I'm almost as picky about the fantasy parts as Deary. I do like the Bygg hooves, and Glot hooves and maybe even Skoll paws, but not any other Soom legs have ever interested me. Thenagain, I fear that once there is one hoofling there shall be many... >_<

  5. Ohh cute, I love the idea of the carrousel horse/unicorn! Hope you ge tto do it soon!!

    Meringue in spanish is Merengue, I've always find that word so weird, I much prefer Marenki as a name, though to me it almost sounds like a russian name, idk why :O I'm no expert in languages though, I wish I knew more than spanish and english.

  6. I think all words tend to sound better or more exotic on a language different from one's own :D 'Marenki' is not a native Finnish word, it is a derivative from other languages, so it might well sound more Russian than Finnish words usually do. To me it sounds more playful whereas Meringue sound more serious or even regal.
    Whichever name I pick I do hope to get to use it soon :3


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