Milki's New Outfit

Milki's New Outfit 01

I also got a new outfit for Milki from LenivkaShop, but I ended up mixing it with an old second hand Dollzone outfit. The Levanka outfit in itself is the corset, the black skirt and the socks. But on their own the skirt fell a bit too flat so I wanted to puff it up and came up with this combo. I should find a black petticoat for Milki so that she can wear just the black pieces.

Milki's New Outfit 03

The added bonus of this mix is that the outfit now shows the straps from the pink dress. I actually prefer the look with straps (otherwise it looks just a bit too exposed), so I might try to customise the corset a bit to have some of its own. Or maybe do a bolero of sorts.

Milki's New Outfit 02

It also occured to me now how nicely differently my friends' Byggs are styled from Milki, despite all three of them being somewhat frilly. Velvet's Floyd has the original Soom face-up in purple shades and Deary's Turpentine has a tourquoise look. While Milki is more in the reds and pinks. And yes, she's the only girl and the only one with human feet of the trio. But it still calls for a group picture of Bygg greyness! :)


  1. Really pretty outfit, I love pink and black color combination ;3;

  2. she looks SOOOOOO good *u*!

  3. Pink-black is definitely one of my favs as well. But I haven't managed to do it in this dark colours before Milki. I'd like to do mint-black as well, but it is very hard finding nice mint coloured frilly items... And I mean really mint-black, I have mint and black on Hippu but he also wears a lot of white so it isn't the same.

  4. We definitely need to take a group photo of our (grey) byggs! :D A real photoshoot would be so cool too!

    And I just have to add that Turpentine is my favourite doll at the moment... I just love the face-up and turquoise blush~ @w@

  5. Thanks! But I wouldn't blame you even if it weren't my doing, Byggs are too damn cute to not be among one's favourite dolls ;) And you just wait until you get your Pamplemousse!


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