Komari Treat

Komari says 'Nyaan!'

Nyaan! I love Nendoroids for their versatility :3 Komari came with a wide variety of option hands and I realised I could to this kitty-pose with them :D

And you might notice a new backdrop. I have taken photos with white backgrounds for so long, it looks weird to have more colour :D But Deary and I were shopping the other week (yes it took me this long to take photos and edit them, but I've been really busy with comissions) and found these papers in a bookstore on sale. The package had two of each so we split it up between ourselves. We made jokes about how we could set up a bingo where we would take photos with the backgrounds and see if we ever manage to match them up. So I have played my first bg, the ball is in your corner, Deary!


Komari also got lots of treats. None of which she intends to share with others... I have accumulated these 'looks sweet but is really evil'-characters of late, with both Teenies and now Nendos. I have no idea what the character Komari is like in Little Busters (but I'm thinking of a clutz or an airhead), but my Komari is definitely one who plays nice on the outside but is a little control freak and manipulative bastard inside. She and Nyaru-chan are so going to butt heads...

I eat alone

"Now get out, I don't like how you're looking at my lollipop!"


  1. Haha, you were faster than me! I'll take some pictures once I have time next week! You gave me an idea for a photoshoot... :P

  2. If it involves Mayuri with her banana, I'm looking forward to it! Nah, I'm looking forward to it anyways.

    I actually have three more backgrounds used as I took photos of Hani and Hippu when testing them out. I just haven't up loaded them yet. So stock up on photos!

  3. Nendot on niin kivoja kun voi käyttää pienempiä papereita taustoina eikä aina tarvitse levittää huolella mitään jättimäistä lakanaa taustaksi kuten isommilla BJDillä. x'D

    Ihania kuvia, ja toi viimeinen Komarin lausahdus! Ei ole Chupa Chupsit lähdössä jakoon, ei. x'D

  4. Joo noi taustat toimii hyvin nendoille ja Teenieille, isommille vain close up potrettien taustaksi. Pitää kuitenkin vielä niilläkin kokeilla :3


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