Two Devils

Little Devils Rigel and Franz
a photo by SpicaNio - posted with permission

Our Skolls finally united when I met Velvet to return her Skoll head with face-up. :3 Sadly I didn't have a camera with me at our meeting (was quite busy with Loki to take pictures anyway) so all pictures were taken by Velvet. But we'll have to do this again, with better backdrops and more merciful lighting. It was struggle enough for Velvet to photograph a dark grey and a white doll together in the bright sunlight.

They look so nice with their matching but different looks. And funnily Rigel's dark red eyes look almost black here, making even the eyes nicely contrasting. I'm so happy Velvet got the grey Skoll and was enthusiastic about making them look similar. Still their story/background/characters are not tied together. I actually don't have all the details of what Velvet has planned for her grey wolf demon, but I'm waiting for such revelations in her blog :)

Rigel is actually as much of a mystery to me as well. He's some sort of a demon, but that is as far as I have managed to scetch out his character. But I'm starting to think that he is one part of a group of demons that will cross paths with Hippu and his friends. Cotton might also be on that evil side :D Actually I first thought to name that Taco after another blue giant star, Bellatrix, but then decided against it because I don't like the pet name Bella. So I still need to find a reason why Rigel is named so differently from all my candy themed dolls...

But anyways, although Franz looks similar, we haven't discussed any connection between them otherwise. Which might be good, since it leaves us with more leeway with their joined photoshoots.

I think I've said it before, but I do think it is marvellous but very strange when people can have dolls connected to dolls of other people. I would find it on one hand very interesting to have a true twin doll or closely knit doll characters with someone, but I also would feel it would be very restricting. As in all decisions regarding the dolls would have to be made together and somehow I fear that it would force me to compromise with my dolls. It very well might not, if the idea was something very organically formed with that other person, but the fear is still there. I've found myself to have become a collector who first decides on a sculpt and styling before making up the name and backstory of the doll, so the outer appearance is very important to me. And I also know that the stylings of my dolls evolve over time so what if the style of that other doll didn't evolve accordingly?

So it's cool that Rigel and Franz look similar now, but it'll also be cool if they had nothing incommon anymore but the sculpt come next year. Still, I'm not giving a definite 'no' to paired up dolls. Although for the dolls to have connecting story I would first have to clear up my own doll-story... And that might take a while...


  1. Ohhhh pretty picture!! Finally the 2 of them together, how exciting, they look great!
    I love when different people's dolls relate together in any way, thoigh sometimes it might be a bit restricting as you say. It all depends in what you do and how much trust you have to the other person (if someday you feel you don't want the dolls to be related or you wanna sell the doll you know they won't get mad, for example).
    I wish I had a close friend (close as in, living close to me XD) so I could share dolls with them and photos :)

  2. I feel really lucky that I have met so many nice doll people in my own city :3 And Finland is a small country, so just a few hours away there are even more people to meet with. I just have to wait for Loki to grow up a bit so that I can do some more travelling on my own from time to time.
    And that worry about if I'd want to sell the doll or just revamp it alltogether is a very good point. Or what if I wanted to switch doll sizes? Then the dolls wouldn't be compatible anymore, if that other person wouldn't want to do the same.

  3. I really like these two with their matching looks! ? I'm sure you and Spica will both have so much fun taking photos of them in the future as well :3 I think it's a great idea to have dolls/characters that look alike, but aren't connected in the story. That way you can have nice "twin" photoshoots, but can still both come up with their individual stories and backgrounds without having to discuss everything and make all the decisions with the other person! With good friends things like this work really well and are fun ^^

  4. Yes this was my point exactly! :D And it is fun, as much so that I wouldn't mind doing something like this again. But you're right that it works out best with good friends. It would sound quite awkward asking someone else if they'd be ok making matching stylings... I would definitely be too scared to ask someone else, in fear that they would scream "copycaaat". Funnily though I would be delighted if someone asked me that... XD

  5. I think this pair-look thing is a great idea! It's nice that our dolls have a sort of a connection even if it's not a character- or story-based one. And you know, there can always be Alternative Universe-stories where these two might cross paths even story-wise. ;) I can't wait for us to come up with more refined styles for our boys, then it'll be even more fun to photograph them together~ :3
    But yeah, from my part I have no expectations that our dolls should have really tight relations story-wise.

    Interesting thoughts on doll characters that have connections with friends' dolls... Actually I have some characters that share a connection with the characters of a friend of mine (who's actually my first close friend that I made after coming into this hobby). The dolls are my Dikadoll Seniors, Xavier and Bram.

    It's a bit of an AU-sort of connection for my characters, as my friend's characters reside in our world, but my story has a science fiction-twist to it. But the connections are still there, even if in alternative universe-form. ;) It's really fun in a way to have your doll characters interact with another person's characters... :33

    I also have some plans of future doll-character bonds with other friends , but I'm not sure if they will ever become reality. But it's nice coming up with them even if the other person never gets that doll they've planned. :)

    In fact, I'd really like to have an SD or Unoa doll-character that has deeper story-connections with one (or more) of your dolls (or rather future dolls, maybe, as your current dolls in the SD size range seem to have pretty set stories where it would maybe be a stretch to add a new character out of nowhere). :33 It would be fun to come up with photoshoots if the characters are in the same story as well.

  6. Ah, I didn't think of AU-versions :D Or maybe that is sorta what the specific photoshoots would have been? But yes, an AU story connection could be well possible. Especially since Rigel as a demon is not set on just one plain of existence (and my other Teenies are not strangers to shifting reality either). All in all the story of my Teenies is so vague atm that anything can be done and all suggestions are taken. XD

    And I'd love to try a more closely story-related doll with you (never mind my reservations)! You're right though that my current SDs are a bit set in their ways (with the exception of Fyrd who is a loose cannon), but a new addition the their story is not an impossibility ;) And depending on your story they might still be integratable. But oh that Unoa... Please don't say Unoa... :P

  7. Yes, I have the same thoughts on Franz. Because he's a demon, he is not bound in one time or place. Neither is, for example, Carbon as he is a cyber alpaca who resides inside a computer. x'D

    Hehehehe... the moment I read what you wrote about doll character connections with other people, I saw a vision in my mind of the both of us having Unoas that belong in the same storyline... Mwahhaha! x'D *I'm eeeeevil*

    AND if be both ever get those Afis it would be so cool to have them be connected somehow... maybe sibling deer or fauns or something (if your Afi will be a deer that is...).

    And oh, I'd love to have a doll character that has an appearance somewhere with Fyrd. x3 Maybe another god or something... Maybe if I get a Little Monica doll someday.

    And talking about LM, I'm drooling over that new Grand Harmony guy Haazel... why can't he be a Harmony-sized doll instead. ;__; I love big dolls but somehow I thik if I'd get a doll from LM, it should be Harmony sized...

  8. Actually Haazel is compatible with the Harmony body as well ;) Someone just confirmed it with LM since they wanted the shorter body as well. All Harmonh and Grand Harmony heads are interchangeable, which is cool.

    I am sorta giving up on Afi in favour of waiting for tan Bygg and Hati, partly because I just can't justify the second hand prices for myself. But if I ever do get that one, we can surely make them siblings or something. Mine will most likely look human, but still have a deer spirit, kinda like Nuu.


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