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Grail jewellery :3 1

Damn I've waited for like forever to take these pictures! Well, not exactly these exact pictures, but ones like these... It's all about the jewellery here :) These lovely rose chokers are made by AtriumHoshino and I fell in love with them since I first entered the BJD hobby and saw them on DollWhy.

Grail jewellery :3 2

But at first they were all sold out and I think that the maker was taking a break. And thenagain, I didn't really have anyone to wear them... I wasn't into SDs at first, and these were just a tad too big for my Unoas. Then when I got SDs, I didn't have anyone with a style to match these.

Grail jewellery :3 3

But now that Eiko has switched to the softer style, I figured that I finally had a doll to wear these! So when I saw an add on Dr.Seiji's Flickr feed, I immediately jumped to their Etsy store and bought a couple of them. The white strapped one with the more pastely colours is my favourite one of the two, but this more antiquey (that's a word now...) coloured one is gorgeous as well and will suit certain outfits better.

Grail jewellery :3 4

And the straps can be worn in many ways as well, bringing mre versatility to these.

I'm glad I finally can cross these off my Wanted-list :) Only so much more to go...


  1. Those necklaces are so old! I mean, yeah, I remember seeing volks dolls many many years ago with those in perfect;y gorgeous owner pictures, I wanted some too by that time but I didn't even have BJDs lol......... Eiko looks great with them, they suit her so well and it reminds me when BJDs were just a dream~

  2. Oh wow, looks so pretty ;___; I've never heard of the maker of those necklaces, but I do remember seeing them around! Great to hear that you were able to get some for your dolls ^^

  3. Yes I first saw them five years ago. A five-year-old want for these chokers and it is finally true :D

  4. Thank you! Now I want to stock up on cute outfits for Eiko to match these even better :3


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