Hani Anew

New Face on Hani 04

I took some new photos of Hani since I had redone her face-up. She looks the same but different, yeah? This new face is more peachy since I used blushing more suited to her yellowed resin. When I last did her face-up she was still so freshly pink as Soom dolls are nowadays. But they mellow out nicely and now Hani is this nice peachy tone.

New Face on Hani 03


It just occured t me though... I forgot her little heart from her cheek! I have to add that asap...

New Face on Hani 02

You can see the difference to those cute hands though. IRL it is more obvious. I got them from the last body event and they haven't been out in the open long enough yet. But as long as I keep Hani wearing long sleeves it should be ok.

New Face on Hani 01

And just for reference's sake, here's what she used to look like (with different eyes though):

Mint-twintail Waterfall 05


  1. Love her new faceup~ The progress you've made on making faceups can be seen so clearly if you compare the earlier faceup with this one! The previous one was pretty as well of course, but you've just gotten more talented with all the lines and blushing :3 Those eyes are gorgeous as well, so sparkly *w*

  2. Yeah I agree there is a definite change in quality between the two :) I had gotten a bit frustrated with taking closeups of Hani since her old lashes were always smudgy on camera. Thank you for liking the new one! It is always a bit nervewrecking redoing an old face, since it might feel like a completely new doll...

    And those eyes are from Vings. They are indeed very pretty. I wish I had use for more eyes from them so I could get them in different colours.


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