Aesthetics of March 2015

150303 Soom Bygg NS

This month I relaunched my face-up comission shop and gladly got some heads to paint right away. But since I had had such fun painting the Teenies of my friends, I started out with redoing Hani's face-up. She had started to look a bit bland next to the others, so an update was due. I tried to keep the worried expression she's had but make the blushing more vivid. I added a hart to her cheek a bit later, once I noticed it was missing =_=

150308 Merry Doll Round Merry

Then I got two heads from a customer. And she wanted basically the opposites for them. Above is a head which I instantly thought looked miraculously like my Manna character and luckily the customer asked for a pastely sweet face-up fit for a lolita character. This is a very nice sculpt from a small new doll company and I hope that more people will get this doll since it is so darn cute!

150309 Migidoll Miho

The other head was a slightly modded Migidoll head. I have wanted to do a face-up on a Migidoll, seeing as their dolls can be face-upped so versatilily. When the head was blank I wouldn't have recognised it as a Miho. (Well truth be told I'm no expert on Migi, but still.) But as soon as the lashes and brow was done, the doll started to look familiar.
Well, I hope to paint many more heads in the coming months! It seems that Lil'Loki isn't as distracting to comission work as I had feared as I had these two heads done in record time. :) And let's face it, with the latest shopping spree I had I need the comission money :D


  1. Nice works!! I love merry doll round dolls, specially Fang, which I hope I get one day. Merry is also very pretty, you did an amazing job with the colorful face up. I find those are the hardest to do

  2. And me on the other hand would love to do more whackycoloured face-ups XD Well, as long as there are a few colours to use. I personally don't really like the look of face-ups that are single-coloured, as in eyes, cheeks, lips and eyebrows are all the same colour (usually green or blue...), they just fall flat so easily. Put in a little bit of contrast colours and the colours pop out better, I say!


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