Aesthetics of February 2015

150228 Soom Skoll GS

I hope Rigel can become good buddies with this grey fellow :3 We had somewhat matching concepts in mind for both of our Skolls, and I'm glad Velvet wanted/liked a face-up that is quite similar to Rigel's. I just hope we'll be able to take photos of the two together soon. And I really need another Skoll... These are so fun to paint!

150301 Soom Silky

I also got to paint Sugar's Sepe, who is a mischievous purple dragon. You know, writing that down makes me think of Madam Mim in Disney's Sword in Stone... "We agreed on no pink dragons!" says Merlin. "Oh but I never said anything about purple!" laughs Mim. Such a funny movie, that one... :) Anyway, back to the face-up. I loved painting on purple resin. It was so easy to contour the colours on it. The blues, pinks and lavenders just blend so smoothly together.

On other face-up news, I decided to open up shop again for all. I managed to paint these two within a week so I'm confident I can keep a turnaround time of two weeks for any comission. I already have a few heads coming in, and the concepts sound very nice, so there'll be more Aesthetics posts later this month.


  1. Ohhh both of these are so good!! *3* (hehehe, can I take that Sepe too... you don't mind, do you, Tiirikka? ;'DD ).

    I'm glad too that I decided to go for the "original" plan for my Skoll's face-up... that look really suits this sculpt. Since Skoll already has pretty soft shapes, that stern expression makes it look more interesting than the just your average uguu-face maybe would.

    You really brought out that Silky sculpt though! WOW! O__O I 'm loving that face-up! (started to have regrets I didn't get one as well... x'D I'm happy Tiirikka got Sepe so I can admire him~). Can't wait to see Sepe put together now~

    You really haven't lost your touch at face-ups during the short hiatus (although I didn't think you would ;) ). I'm glad you'll be able to take commissions again!

  2. ...oh yeah, and definitely photos of Rigel and my... hmmm.. maybe he'll be Schadenfreude now that the look suits that name... x'D Yeah, but we can call him by his nickname Franz. :33

  3. But I really want that uguu-Hati as well XD Rigel needs a sister to boss around :P
    And the Silky got me by a surprise as well. I didn't get too excited about Soom's photos, but irl the sculpt is quite something. I can see how this could be painted in different ways as well, although I do like that Sugar wanted to go with these colours.

  4. Briuuuu, My little dragon looks so cuuuuute! Thank you. x3 Now I just got to blush his legs and get him those pants. =_=; I got to figure out something paw-proof. xD And days are getting longer, finally. Time for doll-pictures!

    Franz Looks really cute. I can't wait to see him with Rigel!

    Glad to hear that you got the shop open! :3 And as I said before, the other Silky head is still rolling around in the box, if you want, I can really loan it to you for unspecified amount of time and you can use it as a practice head, and face up it as many times and as in many styles you want. ^^ I don't need it at the moment, but don't feel like selling it yet either so… :D

  5. PS. Sword in Stone is awesome.

  6. Sword in Stone is amazing. Amd I always feel sorry for that poor wolf who wants to eat Merlin :P

  7. Glad you like him :) I hope I can get him to you this weekend or asap. There might be a surprise there for you ;)

    And thank you for the offer, but I currently have a steady enough flow of heads to paint so there is no immediate need for a practise head. I also feel uncomfortable about keeping other people's belongings with me for extended periods of time...

  8. I'm so happy to see you doing face ups again!!! These 2 are lovely, I really like what you did with that Silky. For a moment there I thought you changed a bit your own skoll hehe, I hope I can see both together soon :D

  9. Well for a while there when Spica got her Skoll I regretted not having ordered a grey one too myself... But I'm happy with my white one and I think I'd prefer a NS or a light tan Hati to keep him company anyway.


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