Happy Birthday, Nuu!

Pink Nuu 02

Nuu is now 5 years old! Happy birthday, little one! To celebrate, I piled up some old photos of her, summing up her journey as my doll. Sorry for no new photo, I was dead tired yesterday and of course it is a very gloomy day today. But I have an idea in my mind for it so I'll take the 5-year-old photo asap!

Portrait of Nuu

Nuu arrived in February 2010, blank. Even without a face-up she was cute as a button, but I was still glad when I secured a slot from my favourite face-up artist, Korone (currently Winter Deer aesthetics). The comission took a while, since I had shipped both heads, the fantasy feet and tail and all the hands to the artist. But once Nuu came back, she was just so cute! I love the face-up, which is detailed, but still very simple and empasises those doe eyes I love so much.

White Girl

I had ordered a pair of Soom eyes with her, but to my dissatisfaction they weren't the chocolate brown I had hoped, but in fact were a somewhat funny mix of brown and purple. I tried out a pair from CiG as wel, but those were too hazel and were short-lived. Finally I found these ED eyes, and they have lasted to this day.

Pretty Nuu in Pink

In 2012 Nuu had a make-over after my blond-freakout (I had too many blond dolls at once and started to switch out their wigs to get some variety). Although I loved that Yrie wig, it was hard to maintain as the braids were constantly becoming unravelled and had flyaways. So I switched it out to a pink Leeke wig.

Lil' bunny

But by 2013 though Nuu was sporting this two-toned Crobi wig, which has kept its place as Nuu's 'default'. It is a sort of a compromise between the pink and the Yrie, without the braids. I had bought this wig just because it was so pretty, I didn't think Nuu would look this good in it. But although the pink is not that soft, it suits the little girl.

One smart cookie

After this final change, Nuu has stayed pretty much the same. I haven't even gotten her that many new clothes... I briefly had her in the Melinda outfit, but in the end Nuu just isn't that frilly. And Hippu stole even the last pieces of that set :D

Bear Nuu 01

She's more casual than my other Teenies, but even she can sometimes dress up. But I think that she simply doesn't need layers of frill, lace and ribbon to be teeth-corrodingly cute. She's just so cute on her own :3

Little Friends

Now who is Nuu, anyway? She's a strange little girl that Hippu found lost and named her Nuu since it is the one word that she can say. Imagine the cutest little voice going 'nuu' all around :3 In this storyline Nuu also has a second personality, Other-Nuu, who has the ears and hooves of a deer (making her less of a human than Nuu) but who can talk quite fluently and (to Hippu's annoyment) cryptically. The underline story was that Nuu was in fact a deer (or some fantasy deer thingy) in the world where she and Hippu originally came from. Hippu sacrificed himself in order to save this little fawn and because of this act they were both sent over to another world and trapped in doll bodies. Only Other-Nuu was aware of this transition. The whole thing was very silly as the whole story was just made up on the fly as I got new dolls :D

Nikki+Nuu Quality time 3

But Nuu also appears in my other storylines. Namely, she is the humanoid robot built by Nigel. Nigel hasn't programmed anything other than 'nuu' in her voice processor, so it is the only thing she can say. That is why Audrye named her Nuu after meeting her. Nigel himself just calls her 'it' or 'robot', btw, since he doesn't want to personify the thing. It doesn't stop me from making cute photoshoots with the two though :D

I think that since Nuu is so 'finished', and doesn't get new things like the other dolls, she gets less camera-time because of it. Which is a shame, since she looks so nice on camera. But the photos can be a bit repetitive, especially if there are no props or other dolls in the photo. I need to find a way around that though, I can't have people thinking I'd be falling oit of love for this doll. This doll is definitely one of those so dear to me that I'd rather sell a kidney than the doll if money was that short.

But I'll be toasting today for my little dear deer!


  1. Awww happy birthday Nuu!! ? She's such a precious cutie~
    I can't believe it's been that long since Ai/Afi were released D: It feels like it's been just two years lol...

  2. Yeah time does fly :D I still feel like such a n00b sometimes, but having 5-year-old dolls seems to indicate otherwise...

  3. Happy birthday to Nuu!!! she's so pretty!!! I always try to take pictures for my dolls bdays but I always fail XD!! Posting a flashback in piictures is a great idea too!
    It's so weird to think she's 5 years old, I remember all these releases like it was yesterday >.>............. I need to stop time for a few years x.x...................

  4. I almost missed this birthday... I only rechecked the date this weekend on a whim. But I'm glad I did, since Nuu deserves her birthday celebrated.

  5. Happy birthday, Nuu!! ^3^ She's my favorite Soom Ai from other people's Ais. ;)

    Haha, that's a ... funny thought, to sell one's kidney before having to give up a favorite doll. x3 I sometimes think what it would be like to sell some of my dolls. It's hard to think who'd go first. (well, I am selling that Dika girl and maybe the Sugarble tiny too. Those are the dolls that I feel least attached to and would rather have the money to buy yet another Soomling x'D but other than that it's hard).

    I don't know if I could sell any Soomlings, it would be heart-breaking.

  6. It is a weird feeling, realising that one doll is sellable. But it is like the joy of the doll has faded and it doesn't feel weird thinking that you don't own the doll anymore. I have had it, and then sold the dolls. To buy more dolls XD It is a good thing to let go of a doll you won't miss, to get more enjoyment of something else.

    But so far I have not had to sell anything to pay for immediate bills or critical stuff and I hope it never comes to that. It shouldn't, since I don't buy dolls unless I have a decent "safety cushion" in my savings account. I can't even imagine what it would be like to sell something that dear to me, like Hippu or Nuu (and Eiko, Yuffie, Alex or Nikki... the rest I somehow see as replaceable).

    And aww thanks for that Nuu-faving :3 Thenagain you Nia is my favourite-other-people's-Ai so... :D We simply have too good a taste in dolls, eh? ;)


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