LoveLive and Baby Idol


I'm still alive and well. :) So is Lil'Loki who is now just over a week old. Although he is not as difficult to deal with as the Norse trickster (he is actually pretty calm and easygoing) the schedule of eating and sleeping has kept me busy/tired enough so that setting up a doll photoshoot has not been my first priority. But thanks to Deary I have found something else that I can do a few minutes at a time and can drop whenever the boy demands it.

It is LoveLive School Idol mobile game, which is one part card collecting game and one part rhythm game. Tapping through a few songs at a time has ben fun and there is a steady enough flow of rare cards to keep it interesting on the collector's pov. The above card is my first upgraded Kotori, my favourite character of the game, since she so closely resembles my Audrey character. I even named my game avatar Manna (Audrey's stage name as a pop singer, which seemed fitting enough).


The gameplay is simple enough and there hasn't been any noticeable bugs. The artwork is beautiful, athough for high school girls, they are made to wear some pretty revealing outfits, as demonstrated above...

I'm going through my first event in the game and although know I can't get the event main prize (I would have to play much more often to gain that many event points), it is still not as frustrating as the HoDA events, that ultimately were the downfall of that game. And although with both games even money can't really guarantee a specific card, the odds of obtaining highest lvl cards is significantly higher in Idol than in HoDA. Which makes me actually want to invest in this game, although not nearly as much as Valentine blew on HoDA! XD But I'll wait untill there is an event to buy only blue rares and above, since I want a blue Kotori! Damn, I want all the Kotoris...

And if you also play this game, shoot me with your ID no and I'll be sure to add you as a friend :)


  1. Haha, oh Kotori <3 For some reason this game want's to shoot me with Kotori's (specially that one and the same red rare I got idolised already) and the 2 SR:s I got happen to be Kotoris (different ones, of course, so I can't idolise them Dx). Game likes to give me extra Nozomis as well… Though of course, very little Hanayos because she is the one character I really would want to collect. =w=; Though all the girls are super cute! Kinda bummer you can't trade/send cards for a friend this came, It feels like such a waste to get same card 3rd time and you really can't use it to anything else than exp! Other than that, I've had fun with this too. ^w^

    I'm glad that you are doing fine and having fun with the game too. <3

  2. I've gotten a mostly fairly distributed share of the girls, although I only have gotten one R Honoka and only one SR Maki. And all three idolised R Elis on the other hand... Only one extra (third) rare so far, but I used it to level up my red Kotori's skill so ot wasn't a waste. I'm actually looking forward to getting more spares, so I can level that skill up even more :D

  3. Congrats on having Loki!! I'm super glad you both are okay and it hasn't been all that bad.
    It's good to find distractions and rest while you can, it can't be always about dolls, so it's okay :)

    Hope everything settles soon and you get better rest, but that probably will take a while.

    I'm glad to read you again ~ :D

  4. Thank you for your well-wishes! We are slowly learning more of his 'tells' to know what he wants and perhaps finding some routines. But yeah, I still don't expect to get a full-night's sleep in months :P But the great thing about a mobile app like this is that I can play it during night hours as well. Dolls don't give much playing options in the dark...


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