Sweet Pink Devious Mint

Sweet Pink Devious Mint 02

Actually this was my main inspiration to take any doll photos this week. Since I put this mint wig on Hani, I thought she'd look kinda nice next to Cotton Candy. And now you can see how much of a ghoul Cotton looks next to NS resin XD

Sweet Pink Devious Mint 01

And my Fyrd, it isn't even two weeks until Yule! This year I haven't really gotten into any of the festive spirit. I've decorated the tree and shopped for the gifts, but that's about it. I haven't even made a gingerbread house :( I bought dough and ate it though, does that count? :D


  1. The look great together! Cotton does look a bit paler in comparison but I wouldn't say she's a ghoul XD!
    This year I'm being so lame for christmas, I don't want to do cookies or anything special X(..... I guess buying dough counts as an effort, but not much if you eat it before doing anything festive with it XD
    You've been busy though, so take the holidays easily and enjoy :D

  2. Yeah I have so much other stuff going on, I think that contributes a lot to not doing any preparations for Yule. Besides, as in previous years we are spending each day away from home at relatives' houses so I don't even really need to do anything at home, like make food or decorate for anyone but myself (Valentine isn't much of a Yule-person, he doesn't care about any decorations). :P


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