Looking Back on 2014

Months of 2014

It's that time of the year again, to see what I've been up to this past year and what's in store for the next :3 Above are some of my favourite photos from year 2014, one from each month. I tried to have different dolls each month though, so it is a bit biased. Otherwise there would have been quite a few photos of Milky at the beginning and even more of Eiko by the end...

At the end of last year, I wrote to this blog that:

So for my wishlist, I’m putting up nice urethanes.
– first pick would be those beautiful flowery eyes from Silver (I think was the brand), although it’d be a bit of a grail…
– ice blue urethanes for Nikki, from Gumdrops or Vings, just need to make this happen next year, that boy deserves some new eyes!
– some very pretty black urethanes for Hippu to replace that CiG pair that doesn’t really fit him
– tourquoise eyes… just because…

On wigs department, I’m keeping a lookout for pure white ones in the Teenie size. Ideally milk white, and not that slightly transparent kind that I’ve seen mostly. And the style like Milki now has, if that’s not too mch to ask? Other wigs I’ll want:
– something fun for Phoenix, since I kinda overhacked into the wig I got for him
– Leeke’s two-toned ones for Hani (PaleTurquoise/EveCream, I’m looking at you)

Then my boys need clothes:
– a suit for Fyrd, must be custom-made since I want a quality one, in just the right colour
– pants all around, in browns and brown-greens
– a lacey outfit for Fyrd
– a Seeker outfit for Nigel, custom-made I think

In the accessorie department, furniture would be most welcome. A nice sofa or something…

And then for resin itself:
– a tan Teenie: Afi, Beyla or Hati…

And now for some New Years Doll-Promises:
– no more dolls (except for Teenie of the year :D ) – not really holding my breath on this one though
– getting my doll-fund-balance under 7000 eur

What can I say but: BWAHAHAHAHA!!11! @ last year's me.

Well, on the eyes I finally did get Nigel that perfect pair, as well as a black pair for Hippu. And after a bit of a hassle, a lacey outfit for Fyrd. Aaand pretty much everything else was shot down from that list...

Dollmosaic 2014

Above, you can see my current dolls, in the order I think I've gotten them...

Dolls bought in 2014:

– Soom MD Taco Sweet Snow
– Soom SO Skoll the Chess CW

Dolls sold in 2014:

– Volks Kun

Other things from 2014:

I really improved with my face-ups this year, methinks. I also begun blushing parts, which I found to be very fun. Sadly I had to cease taking comissions at the later part of the year, due to my pregnancy, which has pretty much set the mood for the last six months or so. I'm happy I still had some Teenies to paint in the last months, to keep up.

I also tried to do some heavy downsizing with my accessories collection, but I also caved in to Taobao and that endless pit of dolly treasures. And with those two Teenies, I spent more on dolls than I made money out of them. Buuut I've pretty much given up anyway. Dolls are my thing to spend money on.

I still have no tan Teenie, but I haven't given up on it.

At the beginning of the year I did quite a few more chapters of the Nendo-comics, but run out of steam by summer. I really do love Komari, my fourth Nendo, though. So I hope I'll have the time to take more photos of her soonish.

I begun doing something new with adventuring into the world of alpaca wigs, which are my new 'it' doll-item. I also begun making some tutorials on how I edit my photos in Photoshop and partly because of it, became a bit more active on Tumblr.

I became less active on the doll forums though, which is a bit of a shame. I would have liked to have attended more meet-ups and written more on the forums, but I just didn't make enough effort. I rarely even posted my photos on the forums, since Flickr and Tumblr were quite enough for me.

For year 2015:

I already did a wishlist meme not too long ago, so I won't repeat that now. Safe to say, I'll be keeping a close eye on any eligible tan Teenies. I hope it'll be a year bronze, tawny and chocolate :D

I also hope to be making more wigs and hoping I won't have to buy any :D I also hope I'm all set with eyes, except for any needed for newcomers, of course. All-in-all I hope I won't be making many doll-accessory purchases, but instead focus on crafts.

We'll see when I'll be able to return to comissions more actively though. I think most of the first quarter of year 2015 ll be spent with quite non-doll-related things, with Lil'Loki due by the 13th.

Mostly I hope I'll be able to keep up with the blog updates more actively than of late. I hope I'll be seeing all next year as well!


  1. I loved your photos and dolls this year and I'm sure next year will be even more awesome! I hope you finally get your tan teenie this year and that you keep active because I love stalking you XD.

    I'm also excited to see your little one is due so soon! I wish you all the best with that, and a speedy recovery after.

    Happy new year!

  2. Happy new year! :3
    I'm also looking forward to you getting that tan Teenie. ;) Better yet, we both get our Afis in 2015? Everything can happen... anyway, a fun end-of-the-year post and it'll be interesting to come back to this a year from now. :)

  3. Oh I'll try to use every opportunity to keep up with my photography and maybe I'll try to really branch out of mere portraits next year :) Especially if I get my Tan Teenie. Let this be my new years resolution :D

  4. I'd love it if we both got our Afis :3 I don't think I've ever asked what sort of a style have you dreamed your Afi to have?


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