In the Last Remaining Light

In the Last Remaining Light 01

It's what, 1pm here and the sun just went down behind the trees. And it's been a while since there has even been a crack in the clouds to show some sunlight... Bloody hell I hate the winter! But I managed to take at least some photos, after a long break. And found an excuse to listen to some Audioslave :D

In the Last Remaining Light 02

Nowadays I've drifted towards not liking fiber wigs and instead preferring fur, but this wig I still like. I just love the strands of mint hair flowing down. I actually got this as an extra from my first Leeke customeize order and it was my favourite wig of the bunch. And I'm happy Hani can still wear it :3 Even though it doesn't really work with her wings, too much going on like that.

On other news, I'm now on my maternity leave, which I have so far spent watching Heroes after having finished with DA: Inquisition. The baby room is all painted and the furniture bought, although not all assembled yet. I've also been washing the baby clothes now that I have someplace to actually fold them away to. Once I have them organised I can really see if I'm missing something in one size or another. But I have to say, miniature clothes are so cute! Thenagain, that was kinda given taken my doll hobby :D


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I think I love/hate fiber wigs, I hate flyaways >.>.... but fur wigs won't always work.
    Miniature clothes are the best thing ever X)! and shoes, tiny shoes!

  2. Yeah this sleek long look can't be achieved by a fur wig, even with long alpaca... But yeah flyaways are the main thing against fiber wigs. And that mostly they can't be styled on the go, like fur can.


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