Nigel on Filigrane

Just a random shot of Nigel. I tried out our new wallpaper as a backdrop, but the light (especially on a cloudy November day) doesn't really reach our bed end... We have plenty of the paper left though, so I might try to use it as a separate backdrop.

But the great thing is, our new bedroom is finally done! Shelves on the wall, with the books in place, TV and PS3 installed, the wallpaper looking fabulous, as is the chandelier... I honestly think this is now my favourite room of the house :) I certainly am spending an aweful lot of time in it.

The thing is, I have been on sick leave since last week since the pregnancy is putting too much strain on my back. I need to do some excercise and move around a lot to not have it hurt, so it is a different kind of sick leave compared to being sick and bedridden. But when I'm not moving about, I've found our new bedroom to be the best place to relax. We have our spare TV facing the bed, so I can pile up pillows to have the best position to watch TV without straining my back. I would like to have a laptop support tray though, for ultimate comfort XD You know, one like those breakfast trays to eat in bed? But I can survive without one.

Now the old bedroom is mostly emptied out, and I'm just waiting for Valentine and his father to start painting the place so that I could go get all the baby furniture. And then I would have an actual place to store all the baby clothes waiting in our living room... I already ordered the wall decal so that it'll be ready to be installed once the painting is done :3

Wow, this became a wall of text about renovating instead of doll stuff XD And the irony being that this photo was actually for last weekend's BJDday on Tumblr XD


  1. I love the wall paper, it's lovely!! I love my bedroom the best too, I finished it last year around this time, it took me so long but it was so worth it, so I can imagine how you feel about yours too! I hope the baby room is ready soon so you can have some space in your living area as well, and I hope you feel better soon doing the excercises and such.

  2. Resting and moving about has helped with the back. And we've finally done the initial prepwork for the nursery, and hopefully painting will be done by the end of the week. Then it's just in with the furniture :)

  3. That wallpaper of yours is absolutely beautiful! It doesn't help my urge to do lot of interior decorating things when I get the new flat of my own! >_>
    And lot of support from here to you, I hope everything goes well and you don't feel totally awful! :3

  4. Thanks, I am kinda proud for finding this paper :3 It' such a perfect blend of modern colour and luxurious pattern. Now I just want to find matching long curtains... Decoration never ends!


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