Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale 03

Since Milki got a new wig, I couldn't resist putting her old one on Hani, just to see what the twins looked like with matching hair. And now Hani has gone from "I'm so utterly lost and vulnerable" to "I'm pretending to be lost and vulnerable so you will do things for me". I'm thinking that is it because the bangs of this wig hang so low, it covers up her eyebrows. But the bangs of her other wigs are pretty low too, so I dunno...

Femme Fatale 01

The Bygg sculpt can look really sulky and bitchy blank though. With the right eyebrows they can look very sad or confused, sorta what I did with Hani. I don't think I've seen any really smiley Byggs or Beylas now that I think about it... And this kinda confuses me, since mostly I go for the slightly smiling or grinning dolls. And here it is, the most grumpy Soom sculpt still being my favourite :D I'm almost thinking that a WS Beyla would work better for what I had in mind for Rigel originally (grumpy harlequin), since I do want to show the lovely little smile that Skolls have... Well, this is now turning into an idea of yet another B/B justification, making Skoll-Rigel the grinning harlequin and pairing him up with a Beyla the grumpy harlequin. And I seriously don't need any more Teenies! Aside from the bronze Bygg, of course ;)

Femme Fatale 02

Well yes from certain angles Hani still looks like Hani. But I don't think I'll be keeping this wig. Maybe as a spare in case I end up styling the bronze Cupcake sister in all black instead of all-white after all... If I don't happen to just make another black alpaca wig for that purpose that is :D Since I really love the style of this wig. Too bad I now know how bulky synthetic fiber is compared to alpaca and it takes much away from this wig :(


  1. I think she looks very pretty with the black hair, but a black and white sisters, that I like much better! I hope you get to do it. Hani is my favorite tiny of yours at the moment <3!!!

  2. I would actually love to have this same wig in milky white :3 But I think I'll try to find some very blonde alpaca to make Hani a cute wig of her own.


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