Uguu for a Teddy


Cutest teddybear! I have weakness for fluffy animals/stuffed animals. I actually have like a dozen teddy bears, but currently they are just collecting dust on a shelf. I need to give them a good clean-up and put them in the baby room once we get to that point of the renovations.

Eiko has a few teddy-themed items, a teddy-hat and now this new coat from Doll House (Taobao). Also, I have a few doll-sized teddies I've gotten from Little Monica as present with my orders. Ever since switching to these brown eyes for Eiko, she's also started to look good in fluffy things and I just keep picturing her with teddy-themed things.

There are some other 'mascot animals' that have just stuck with a few of my other dolls as well. Nuu is a bunny, which is funny since she's supposed to be a deer. But I have this cute bunny-eared hoodie for her that is just perfect. And I think the timid Nuu would be good friends with bunnies. :3 Too bad my fluffy bunny-eared headband is made for SD dolls and the Tiny sized ones have teddy-ears :P

Then Fyrd of course is the fox. It's built-in in his character. I'd never get a tail for him, since I have not yet seen a nicely excecuted tail for a doll, but the magnetic ears are here to stay. And his foxy grin.

Lastly Hani has become a dove. It was an accident really. I just bought Littlefee wings on a whim, since I had wanted apair for so long. Then I put them on Hani and she just looked so perfect with them! I'm always calling her my little lost dove...

None of the others have such strong affiliations to animals in my mind. Milki might be a kitten, but it's not carved in stone. She might also very well be a raven, going with a bird theme for the Byggs :D


  1. I loved this coat the moment I saw it on Eiko in your flickr, she looks really nice and with those eyes she does look like any teddy themed things would suit her.

    All my fantasy dolls and fantasy characters (only 2 dolls at the moment) have one animal associated with them: the animal spirit they feel the most attached to is the appareance they will start taking after becoming forest creatures, so the oldest a creature is, the more it looks like the animal. It also works with other living things like trees or flowers.

    I've always loved the concept so I really enjoy people making dolls having animals in mind when preparing the character. Even if the character doesn't look like that animal, there's something of it in their personality or style. And I love Fyrd~!!! I think he's such a nice and rounded character. I hope you share more of him soon :)

    And I don't think I've seen your winged Hani? I'll go check flickr :D

  2. Uu I want to hear more about those characters of yours. Maybe when you get around making more of your doll profiles. And I hope I'll get around taking more Fyrd-pics soon :3

    And Hani has these wings on her head, so no traditional wings there. There should be quite a few pics of them on Flickr though. Funnily Hippu has much larger wings than Hani, since he has the seraphim wings from Camellia Dynasty, but he isn't any type of animal character. Also he doesn't use the wings full time, mainly because they get in the way so much... They weigh a lot compared to the little TG and prevent most sitting poses.


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