Some Knew What They Wanted From the Start

Testing out 02

Now that Eiko's got a style I'm more satisfied with, it was time to turn the gaze to Yuffie. And I concluded that she just looks best in the getups I first thought out for her >w< I have some of black semi-loli-frilly things for her in black-gold/beige colours, and although they are adorable, I have no use for them anymore. I have to really go through them and just downgrade. Except for my DH Brionna outfit. That is going to to stay, nevermind that it doesn't suit either girl :P

Testing out 01

Basically Yuffie is keeping all of my CrazyKimochi hoodies/shirts, since she rocks the bright colours so well. Then she has various short skirts and shorts and off-paired socks/legwarmers. Too bad I suck at full-body pictures of my SDs, Her legs are actually really fun atm.

The only thing I'm thinking of changing from the original concept is the eye colour. Since I just cannot find the perfect shade of purple for her, and I'm sick of wasting money on eyes that look amazing, but just don't fit her, I'm just going to make these Milky #44s her 'defaults'. They look so good on her anyway, with every wig she has. So now I can just stop going 'uguu' over new urethanes, since everyone has their perfect pair :D Btw, if anyone is in need of 18mm large iris ED Milky #53 urethanes, I'm going to sell them as soon as I can take proper sale photos.

But back to Yuf, the only thing she really needs is more shoes. Her pink high sneakers are cool, but I want some smaller shoes, maybe in black, for her too. Well, that can wait until I next need something from Taobao.


  1. She's so cool looking, I love those eyes on her, they look amazing. She will look really nice next to Eiko, since both styles are so different c:

  2. Yeah I hope they'll still look together, since they're supposed to be best friends. But it'll be better that they have more differences now. Yuffie can now be the rebel and Eiko the sweet girl :3


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