Happy Meow!

Paw Handed 02

Just a quick post to show off Eiko's new hands in all their paw-like glory :3 And to say that just as I was getting anxious about Rigel's wig, I got a reply from Spite&Malice! So now I've got everything set, and just waiting for the items to trickle down home. Whew, Rigel's not going to have to go bald after all... It's not like I wouldn't have a spare wig (a... few of them...), but none would have suit him :( And I just have this thing of wanting to have the doll whole as it arrives.

Oh, and more playing around in PSE. I found out that although PSE does have Gaussian blur (a key element in my photoshopping), it doesn't allow editing the amount of blurriness X( It does have this guided edit to make dreamy blurs, but it isn't the same that I'm used to. I can use it to get the result I'm going for (not quite the same though), but it is a bit of a detour. Actually, not just a bit.

Luckily I can still use my Gradient maps, but I'm getting a hunch that making brushes won't work on PSE, so that'd be the end of my bokeh experimenting. And I'd have to *gasp* actually evolve as a photographer to take actual bokeh photos! :P

Don't get me wrong, PSE has lots of needed features and I'd recommend it to someone who is just starting out with Photoshop. Some even suggest that one tries out PSE for a couple of years before moving on to the full PS. The thing is, I do have that couple of years of training... We'll see what I can come u with...


  1. Lovely hands!
    What is the problem with photoshop? You can't make it run in your notebook or is it the price? My brother uses Gimp and is very similar to photoshop, minus some features, and it's free. For my job I can't change to Gimp, but I would If I had to buy it for myself.

  2. It's the price. I can't shell out the around 1000€ a CS6 will cost me, nor do I feel I'd get my money out of the Cloud version. I have tried out with Gimp, but after using PS for so long I just can't get the hang of it... If I would make a continuous monthly revenue from dolls, then I could justify the PS CC (around 150€ yearly fee), but that is a long way off.


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