Black Hole Eyes

Black Hole Eyes 04

My Makoeyes GO arrived and now Hippu has some black urethanes to his name. He previously had some Captured in Glass black glass eyes, but they were a bit asymmetrical and because of their high dome they gapped easily. It's a problem I've had with smaller scale glass eyes. But I still wanted Hippu to have a spare black pair, since one of the characters he is based upon has these pure black eyes that I used to describe to look as if they had used too many eye drops to make the pupils way too large.

Black Hole Eyes 01

Now, these eyes do actually have a black pupil inside a black iris, but I'm ok with that, since it looks better in photos like this. The iris actually has a pearly pattern, so that they catch light better. Above, you can see the hint of a pupil. But as said, I like it. It gives a better sense of where the doll is looking at.

Black Hole Eyes 02

Oh, and I figured out how to resize my photos in pixels in PSE :) Which means the return of the watermark.

Black Hole Eyes 03

I also got Rigel's eyes in this GO, and they look cool as hell. Can't wait to try them in doll. So now to just wait for the arrival of the Teenie Gem.


  1. yay the signature is back! The eyes are gorgeous, specially when you can see the pupil a lil bit. I never thought totally black eyes could look this nice :D

  2. Totally black eyes do have this cute button eye/very doe eyed effect that I like. But I still want the eyes to have some sort of details so I couldn't just get any black eyes :D But it's quite difficult to think of good details for black-on-black eyes, still keeping the overall look black and n0t just very dark any-other-colour. But Mako have done well with figuring it out and it looks marvellous in doll.


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