The Dreamier Eiko 01

I got first of Eiko's new clothes last Thurday. The top (I actually got another in light blue) and the skirt are from TreeDesign, a shop I learned of from Tjassi's blog. I really like their style and now I also like their quality :) I ordered these on Sep 15th and they arrived on Sep 25th, with registered mail which was only 5$, so cheap and relatively fast shipping too.

The Dreamier Eiko 02

The outer shirt I've bought from TATA long ago, first for Alex until Fyrd and now Eiko stole it. Thenagain I kinda like the idea of Eiko borrowing her boyfriend's clothes :3

The Dreamier Eiko 03

I really think that the softer pastel colours suit her face-up better. It's a beautiful face-up by StrawberryResin (nowadays Winter Deer Aesthetics) with a touch of mint in the eyes. I'm trying to find some more mint or even dark mint clothes for her (like the cardigan I showed on my idea board photo), but no luck so far. Everything's sold out :( I might buy some light denims for her though, I especially like the ripped slim jeans from TreeDesign.

The Dreamier Eiko 04

I've got her TTYA jeans waiting at the post office and will get those on Monday. Then to just wait until my Taobao order arrives. It has shipped already and it's coming via EMS so should be quick. I'm thinking it might be too optimistic to hope it'll arrive by next weekend though...


  1. She looks really nice! I hope you find some mint stuff for her, because it would suit her wonderfully!
    Thanks for the tree design link, I might buy there sometime as well, my supia Rosy is lacking of some basics in her wardrobe

  2. Yeah, if any minty stuff comes across, I'll gladly take links! And I hope your Rosy gets a nice wardrobe :)

  3. http://www.acbjd.com/edsg001-in-stock-p-5095.html?cPath=3_31 I was re checking Alice collection's since I'm buying there in october, this looks mint enough in my screen

  4. That looks minty enough indeed! A bit see-through, but I could get a white top from Treedesign to cover that. Otherwise it looks totally Eiko's style! I'm still hoping to find a nice button up cardigan though, either in mint or white.


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