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Dazzling Princess Eiko 03

I've got new elastic coming in from Taobao, but I couldn't resist restringing my SDGr body with the old one. I strung it with the flat heels now and cut the elastic a bit so that she's really tight. I also strung it 'regularly' as the SDGr should actually be strung very weirdly in the torso. But now she sits without flopping and doesn't throw her head around. It also gave me the opportunity to clean up the body a bit, since it had some dirt from using jeans as such. And I'm finally using the promise hand that came with Lorina :3

Dazzling Princess Eiko 01

The thing I do love about the SDGr body is the ability to hold the hands close to the face without effort. The LM girl body is very restricted in the arm movements... And now with the flat heels, I can fully use the SDGr's neat kneecaps, that give it wide range of knee bending. And the thing stands so beautifully, now that it stands XD I'm now finding all the good things about this body anew. And I'm starting to remember the awe I had when I first took Eiko out of her box. I was squeeing at all the things it could do! But the high-heels, although allow her to use those amazing shoes for SD16 heels, take so much of it away :(

But, I'm not throwing in the towel just yet. I might have to resort to having two elastics ready for her for all times. A shorter one for the high-heels and a regular for the flats. The Volks' system of allowing the same elastic to be used for both by not having an actual knot, but a slider to hold the elastic at designed lenght has proven to be inefficient, since with the high-heels the slider cannot keep the right tension, but will loosen up with time. An actual knot might be a very simple resolution for this problem :P

Dazzling Princess Eiko 02

And that pinky! I've never used this hand before, since it was a bit too much on the cute side for the old Eiko. But with this sweeter look it is perfect.

And actually, from just a few posts away rambling about how I'm going to sell this body off and get her a whole new one, I've gone to actually getting her a new pair of hands for this body XD Well, I've been eyeing sales for the H-04 optional hands for a while now and they have been on my wishlist for ages. They are fist hands for the SDGrG body. And I finally see a pair FS on my Flickr feed and had to jump on it! They were reasonable price too, for Volks hands. Funny how everything Volks just ends up costing me a ton =_= Once they arrive, I have to give all of Eiko's hands a nice neutral manicure/blushing.


  1. I never thought how the high heeled leg could need a shorter elastic, but it makes total sense! I think those legs are really neat, but I don't know if I would want to keep 2 sets of elastics, I'm very lazy XD! But I never use the flat heels on my dolls though....

    Eiko lookss so pretty with this cuter look, and that hand is adorable. I hope you make more posts about plans for her, I love reading that kind of posts *u*!

  2. Well the SDGrG body's high heels are a separate calf piece without an ankle joint... So the legs are strung from the knee and not at the ankle like with most of dolls. So it definitely needs a shorter elastic for the high heels.

    But I'll keep posting progress posts about Eiko, especially once her stuff begins to arrive one by one. And then I think that Yuffie might need a more solid style as well. I haven't got a real style for her. I don't want her to be too black but also not too colourful... Yuffie might end up being a tougher nut to crack than Eiko.

  3. OMG She looks adorable!!! I always wanted high heel legs, but never though they were such a pain to string. I hope you can come up with an idea to make it easier :3

  4. The high-heels are beautiful and I do adore all the shoes made for them. But yeah, they involve practically restringing the whole doll... Also with Volks, the SDGrG actually comes with two set of the whole legs. The flats have a rotating thigh that can do the suwaricco pose and they have a kneecap that allow a better bend (the doll can actually sit on its knees). The high-heels lack both of these, they have a basic single joint engineering with no ankle joint. :( I can't understand why the legs can't be switched from the knee down, instead of from the hips... But this might only be a 'problem' with Volks, I have no experience with other companies' ankless high-heels. I just think it is such an oversight from a company this big.


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