Can't Get Enough of Her

Can't get enough 01

While I still have this faun-girl (until I again put the Ai OE head on this body) I'll take the most out of it. :P She really does rock this light pink wig, but I still think she'd also rock a dark brown/ivory wig as well... Oh well, Leeke hasn't done any more Customeize events, so I don't have to think about it.

I switched out her clothes as well. I was going to through my Teenie-clothes since I wanted to see if there was anything I could put up for sale and came across my Syen set yet again. I have used that outfit only very rarely, in recent years only at my X-mas outfits, actually. I'm still a bit iffy about the pants, I love thair design, but I think they are a bit too heavy for my girls, and too brown for Hippu... But! This corset looks very good on Other-Nuu. It is a bit too fancy for Nuu, who I like to dress in the more casual clothes, but Other-Nuu can be a bit more fantasy-styled.

Can't get enough 02

Actually, she's now wearing items from five different Soom sets XD The necklace is from Ai's default set, the pants are from Glot set and the shirt and socks from two different BiWeekly sets. The boots and the corset are both from Syen's set. And now I've got that Chess-Hati outfit incoming as well =_= I'm drowning in Soom... But in the end, the outfits are cheaper than Dollheart, and if chosen with care, can be mix'n'matched better.

Now, if I'm going to keep this faun-girl as a permanent tenant, she might need a better name than Other-Nuu... In the end, 'Nuu' is the name Hippu gave to the girl since that was the one word she spoke (yeah, Hippu didn't have much imagination / I just liked the sound of it :P). Hippu never gave a name for the strange other version of Nuu and she never gave any name to him. Still, she should have some kind of name, right? Although, if I'll be keeping them separate, it'll mess up the story even more, since Nuu and Other-Nuu really are supposed to be the same person. But since I'm not doing any more stories of that arc, should it matter?

But coming up with something suitable is a pain! I want something ethereal, but short and easy to pronounce. Something like Manna, but not sounging quite that childish... Although, if Lil'Loki turns up to be a boy, I can always steal our girl-babyname for this doll (since it is exactly like something I'd want for Other-Nuu). Although I'd have to wait until January to be sure the name is available....

Other options could be Damma (sort of deer in Latin) or Sorora (sister in Latin), both of which could be linked to what she actually is. But... I'm not 100% sold on either... Sora for short might do though. Or Sinna, which is a name of a strange girl character in one teen book series I begun reading while being a teen and a name I actually thought at one point to take for myself, before settling for the name I now have.

Choices, choises...


  1. I like Sinna for name or Sorora :)!
    SOOM clothes are really nice, I wish I coud own some more hehe.

    I saw you linked my blog, thank you very much!
    Do you mind if I use one of your pictures to make a banner so I can link you back?

  2. I'm starting to like Sinna for this doll myself, but I'm not 'locking' it just yet :)

    Sure you can! I should maybe make one of my own too, but I'm lazy and I have very few people who are linking here XD I hope you don't mind me not using a banner for your blog, though. I have all the links as plain text since I don't want to have some as banners and others as plain text. And not all the blogs I browse have banners at all...

  3. It's okay, a text link is more than enough for me :)
    I added you to my site

  4. Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll update on your blog and hope you'll find entertaining posts on mine :)

  5. I can't get enough of Other Nuu either! :3
    Before I read the comments, I thought to myself that I liked Sinna best~ <3 But the other names you've considered also sound fitting to her. It's funny how with some dolls you know instantly what their name is going to be while others take their time on deciding what they'd like to be called. ;)

    I'm happy if you decide to get Other Nuu her own body, I can already see her with my mind's eye sitting right next to your other Teenies, complimenting the gang. <3

  6. Sinna is definitely getting more votes. Still, I think I might need a hard consonant in the middle of the name, like in Sorora...

    I actually have a few options now about that body. But everytime I look at my Teenies and think that where there are now four, might be six (!), I think ot might be too soon while Rigel is still coming as well... Of course, I've 'had' Other-Nuu for years, so it's not like it's a whole new doll, but thenagain I fell out of love of my Unoas once I had two (when previously both faceplates had shared the body).


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