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Amors Outfit 01

So Fyrd wasn't the only one getting something frilly from Taobao (I got a few petticoats myself, for hopeful future use), Milki got something too! This is an outfit from Amors, a clothing brand I still don't know whether to love of laugh at. I mean, it is a very pretty outfit, like all of the stuff they have for sale. And I almost got the white version of this outfit for Hani. But they have some very strange fabric choices....

Amors Outfit 02

Like the bloomers here. Luckily one can't really see it in pictures, especially since I'm trying to hide it, but the pants are actually made out of black tulle. See-through black tulle. There is some wide white cotton lace sewn on it, which does most of the covering, but it still baffles me that if not paid attention to, you can see the toddler-type doll's crotch through the pants. As in, I always want to make doll clothes to be as close as possible to actual wearable clothes. I couldn't think of putting those kinds of pants on a real kid.

I also have gotten one SD sized outfit that was made by Amors. It too looked very cute in pictures and I do wear the outer skirt on Yuffie from time to time. But it has a massive bow in the front that is actually some sort of faux leather, that doesn't seem to really fit in with the lolita wibe of the outfit. And the ribbon going around the hem doesn't actually go all around the hem, but only about half-way... It is like these clothes are meant to just look good on pictures from certain angles, but not to be really functional.

Amors Outfit 03

But iIm still I got this for Milki. I love the colours on her. I'll just skip the twin outfit for Hani for now... But there are still many cute outfits to be found from Amors, I just have to really scrutinize them before ordering any...


  1. Awww, really pretty pictures! How did you get the pink light-effect is it photoshopped? Pink and black look really good together against Milki's gray skin. <3

    How funny that they'd choose a fabric like that for the bloomers. O__O I guess they just want them to make look good in pictures and don't think further than that.

  2. Yes, like everything else cool my pictures, it is indeed photoshopped ;)

    I used a gradient overlay from light pink to dark pink (so that all the shadows of the picture were dark pink), then changed that layer to multiply and downgraded the opacity to about 10%. I also used a layer mask on that pink gradient layer around the face, so that the face is of natural colour.

    In the first picture I've added a black radial gradient to make the corners darker. Then it's was just about adjusting the opacity to get the depth of shadow needed.

    In the last picture the 'flare' is a reflection from the indirect flash I'm using. It looked like sunlight was catching her hair. To make it blend better with the pink gradient, I used colour correction layer to make the highlights more magenta and yellow (and to balance it, I also added a bit of cyan).

    If I had used a real pink light, it would have made her face pink as well (or maybe not if I had some other bright spotlight directed at her face, I dunno). But cheating gives me a nice background while making the subject stand out.

    I should probably do a few here's-how-I-do-it posts about photoshopping, since I've found so many neat tricks to use that really make life so much easier. It's just that if people knew what my photos looked like RAW, I'd lose any respect I might now have XD


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